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Friendly Enjoyment of Promotional Drinking Straws

Friendly Enjoyment of Promotional Drinking Straws

Apparently, it's true that plenty of promotional plastic drinking straws are used and disposed everyday around the world that if laid end to end they would cover enough distance to go round the world, twice! That seems a special number until you start to consider how popular and how common place the use of disposable drinking straws has become. Every fast food meal consumer all over the world every day comes complete with a plastic straw which we are told once dumped into an eco system can stay in its current form for hundreds of years before it truly degrades.  

So what is it that the average concerned citizen can do about this every worsening problem? While obviously eco friendly promotional products has been popular now for a long time there has recently been an increase in interest in custom drinking straws as the facts of the terrible damage the disposable straws we use without thinking are doing top the environment. The new range of straws available are both environmentally friendly while also having a range or valid reasons why they are the great personal gift for anyone who is concerned about the effect they have on nature.

Generally, there are two different types of reusable straws available. The first is a telescopic stainless steel straw which folds in on itself to occupy a very small space when not in use. This is an ideal personal straw which anyone could keep handy for use at any time. And each telescopic straw is supplied in a mini drawstring bag which carries your custom message. As a personal gift they are a good item as more and more people use a simple straw to consume their favorite beverage. These personalized cheap straws can be carried easily in a handbag or purse and are always available and can be customized with artwork and logon on. The advantage is that you can sip any beverage you opt through a telescopic straw and it is both convenient and a useful way to consume a drink which reduces the likelihood of smudging lipstick when having pleasant drink.  

The other style of promotional straw available is more like a typical drinking straw but is made to be reusable so there are none of the problems which come from the thoughtless disposal of a traditional plastic straw. Silicone straws are available in a huge range of colors and the soft silicone finish of the straws makes them easy to use and suitable for washing either by hand or in a dishwasher. However, they have all the advantages of a traditional plastic drinking straw with none of the disadvantages. They are not just promotional items, either, these straws are nicely suited for use in hospitality outlets or anywhere drinks and beverage is consumed in public.

If you're in the market for an inexpensive and popular personal gift which is at the top of peoples' minds right now it would be difficult to go past promotional straws from China. You will be greatly appreciated by your clients, customers and friends.

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