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What Benefits will you Get from Promotional Products?

What Benefits will you Get from Promotional Products?

Have you ever noticed the branded promotional items in your home? How many pieces? What are they? Are you wearing any promotional clothing as well? Does your pen come with a brand's logo?

What is promotional marketing? It's a cheap marketing tool that spread your brand awareness and recognition while providing a great value to customers and clients. If you are spending your entire marketing budget on social media ads or content marketing, consider our top 4 benefits of leveraging promotional products as part of your marketing strategy

According to Forbes the recall rate for promotional products is an astounding 83%. The numbers is real — while a banner ad or one-off radio spot isn't likely to stick with the average person, a constant visual reminder of your brand in their home is guaranteed to boost your visibility. You plant seeds with recipients of promotional products, many of whom research the brand later. Even more, they keep creating new impressions when they wear your hat or backpack when heading to work or enjoying a day off in the park.

There are thousands of promotional products to opt from! All of these can be endlessly modified and personalized with brand logos, colors and identifiers to reach any target demographic. When gifting them a promotional item they can use in their home or out-and-about for years, you need to communicate whatever message connects with your potential clients. Consider that we can offer 13 categories of customizable pens and hundreds of unique products within those categories. The possibilities exist all the time.

Buying popular promotional products in large quantities enable you to offer useful items with a personal touch that appear to be high value. Recipients of promotional products are not aware of the actual cost of the item. Investing in top-quality promos means you can cultivate a great reputation among your clients. A company that gives away quality becomes linked with quality in the minds of customers. 

Promotional products generate impressions as long as they are in the home of the owner. Luckily, recipients of promos tend to keep them for an extended period of time. A study by the Specialty Institute found, relying on the product, promos can stay in the home over a year. After their first life cycle, 65% of promotional products are given away by the recipient to a friend or family member, according to the same study.

They lead the field in marketing for cost effectiveness because of the large amount of impressions promotional products generate. When compared to online advertising or traditional media advertising, it's clear promos have the lowest cost and the greatest return when implemented effectively.

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