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Promotional Folding Shopping Bags with Logo Prints

Promotional Folding Shopping Bags with Logo Prints

Recently, the grocery stores charge us for the plastic bags, but we used to get for free, which is in accordance with their normal decision. However, taxing and increasing costs is always good for us, therefore, we can accept this fact, because we have no choice at all. However this latest decision can have advantages for the canny promotional marketer as the chance now exists to create your own custom shopping bags which can not only be used for general tote duties but which can become a life-saver when one is facing the trouble of carrying home an armful of shopping without a bag being offered by the retailer. 

A pleasant checkout chick at Coles of Woolies would happily pack your purchases in a sturdy plastic bag which once finished with still had lots of uses around the home. As a bin tidy liner or a great way to transport other necessities these personalized custom bags were not the one use disasters portrayed in the media. Actually, they were a crucial part of the waste disposal business. While we are now told that cheap shopping bags were the main cause of the degradation of the world's oceans and a real jnk food for turtles and seabirds the fact is they are still readily available, but now cost ten cents.

The wide range of printed shopping bags available on our website cover all requirements and not only offers a solution regarding the appalling environmental terrors of the free plastic bag but turns this problem into an opportunity by providing high visibility, top utility shopping bag options which people can use for a range of purposes.

In response to the environmental friendly push there is a big range of jute tote bags available which seem to add a green tinge to the whole banned shopping bag experience. Jute is a naturally produced fiber which is both strong and sustainably produced. Best of all when the bag reaches the end of its useful life instead of being dumped in landfill or being swallowed by a migrating turtle it is composted like any other naturally occurring organic product. So you can give your jute shopping bags a decent burial and know that the nutrients they contain are being returned to Mother Earth.

Other than the obvious utility a bag provides the greatest opportunity the offer to marketers is the high level, high visibility branding which is standard to most bags but which is specially the case with promotional shopping bags. With people carrying the cheap bags to the shops and on their daily errands your logo and message will be more widely read. What's more, the person carrying the bag will be eternally grateful when they get to the end of the checkout procedure that the folding shopping bag you provided is in their pocket or handbag ready for use and they don't have that sense of failure which is all too common at the end of the weekly shopping expedition recently.

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