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Private Equity in the Promotional Products Industry

Over the past decade, private equity (PE) investment has significantly reshaped the competitive dynamics within the promotional products sector. This infusion of capital has fueled major mergers and acquisitions, driving operational enhancements and technological advancements among key industry players. 

This trend shows no signs of abating. Despite short-term economic challenges, both market leaders and PE investors anticipate a sustained influx of private equity funding into the branded merchandise sector over the long term.

Dan Pantano, CEO of alphabroder (asi/34063), the industry's third-largest supplier backed by PE, and a member of Counselor's Power 50 list, is optimistic about continued investment. He anticipates not just a continuation but a potential acceleration of investment in the industry.

As private equity capital continues to flow, its influence on the promotional landscape will expand, eliciting varied perspectives.

Proponents argue that PE fosters innovation, facilitates technology adoption, and enables deeper market penetration. Conversely, critics contend that short-term profit motives can be detrimental, potentially squeezing out smaller businesses and disrupting traditional supplier-distributor relationships.

As private equity's role grows, ASI Media examines the motivations driving PE interest in the merchandising market, the benefits experienced by industry firms from such investments, and the concerns raised by skeptics wary of investor influence.

Wholesale Promotional products distributors reached $25.8 billion in sales in 2022, matching the previous record set in 2019, according to ASI Research. Despite the presence of billion-dollar firms, the industry remains primarily composed of tens of thousands of small to mid-sized privately-owned companies, a fragmented landscape that appeals to PE investors seeking opportunities for consolidation and growth.

Ken Mill, co-founder of Monroe Street Partners (MSP), a Chicago-based PE firm, emphasizes the potential of a 'buy-and-build' strategy in promo, leveraging partnerships to capture market share through capital infusion and strategic acquisitions.

This fragmentation is a driving force behind the growing integration of PE and the promotional industry, a sentiment echoed by industry executives and PE professionals alike.

Jeffrey Robich, a partner at Blue Point Capital Partners, highlights the industry's attractiveness for investment and consolidation, citing its strong fundamentals, recurring revenue streams, and enduring growth prospects.

Furthermore, PE's interest in cheap promotional products extends beyond revenue expansion. Robich emphasizes the effectiveness of branded merchandise in marketing and employee engagement, particularly premium products that align with modern trends and consumer preferences.

The allure of the promotional industry for PE may also be influenced by a "herd mentality" within the investor community, with successful partnerships drawing attention and inspiring emulation.

However, potential macroeconomic factors could temper near-term PE investment and expansion in the promo sector. Elevated capital costs, driven by high interest rates and constrained marketing budgets amid economic slowdowns, may constrain activity.

Despite these challenges, the trajectory suggests that private equity will continue to play a significant role in shaping the future of the promotional products industry, driving both opportunity and debate within the sector.

Tips for Propane Brand Above the Competition in 2024

As we embark on a new year, businesses across industries seek fresh strategies to distinguish themselves in the marketplace. For propane brands aiming to surge ahead, refining brand strategies is paramount. But what tactics truly enhance brand visibility and cultivate robust customer relationships in the fiercely competitive propane sector?

While digital marketing strategies have gained traction, traditional print and promotional marketing remain influential in shaping brand growth within the propane industry. In 2023, the energy sector witnessed a remarkable 32% surge in utilizing print products for marketing efforts, reflecting a growing trend towards tangible marketing materials.

Wholesale Promotional products offer a cost-effective solution for maximizing brand exposure amidst rising raw material costs. Their versatility and extended shelf life make them an attractive option for businesses seeking impactful promotion. Moreover, research indicates that promotional items have a significant impact on consumer recall and brand loyalty.  

Here are five compelling reasons to integrate promotional products into your branding strategy this year:

Cost-effectiveness: Amidst economic challenges, promotional products offer a budget-friendly marketing solution with enduring brand visibility.

Consumer Engagement: Studies show that 80% of U.S. consumers possess promotional products, indicating their widespread use and effectiveness in engaging customers.

Brand Recall: A staggering 94% of consumers recall the source of a promotional product they received, fostering lasting brand recognition and driving referrals.

Longevity: Promotional items like bags can generate thousands of impressions over their lifespan, ensuring prolonged brand exposure and customer retention.

Introduction and Engagement: Promotional products serve as tangible introductions to your brand, reinforcing your company's identity and fostering customer connections.

Integrating QR codes into promotional products offers a modern twist, allowing consumers to access digital content seamlessly. This innovative approach aligns with evolving consumer behavior and enhances brand engagement across online platforms.

Moreover, selecting high-quality promotional products reflects your commitment to excellence and fosters trust with prospective clients. Pairing premium products with personalized thank-you notes enhances customer loyalty and cultivates long-term relationships.

As you revamp your branding strategy, consider the strategic inclusion of promotional products alongside traditional marketing approaches. A well-curated selection of promotional items, combined with consistent branding efforts, leaves a lasting impression on your target audience and reinforces your brand's values of quality and service excellence.

Promotional products serve as invaluable tools for elevating your propane brand in a competitive market landscape. Whether as giveaways or client gifts, they offer a tangible means to connect with customers and differentiate your brand effectively.

Sean Osgood, Director of Operations at Purple Frog Graphics, underscores the importance of promotional products in enhancing brand value and customer engagement within the propane industry. Purple Frog Graphics is dedicated to providing top-notch print solutions tailored to the propane and fuel oil sector, with a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Tailored Corporate Promotional Gifts from Gift-Supplier

Gift-Supplier, a leading expert in corporate gifting solutions, has introduced a dedicated division focusing on corporate promotional gifts. This strategic initiative aims to provide bespoke promotional solutions, catering to businesses seeking to bolster their brand visibility. Corporate promotional gifts, encompassing affordable items under $1 and cost-effective promotional products, play a pivotal role in contemporary marketing strategies, symbolizing a company's gratitude towards its clientele. Gift-Supplier's new division is committed to offering a diverse range of promotional gifts tailored to clients' brand identities and budget constraints.

Unveiling Corporate Promotional Gifts:  

In the dynamic realm of modern marketing, corporate promotional gifts have emerged as potent tools for brand promotion and client appreciation. These gifts serve as tangible expressions of gratitude, fostering meaningful connections with clients and stakeholders beyond mere transactions.

Gift-Supplier's foray into corporate promotional gifts underscores the profound impact these items have on shaping brand perceptions and nurturing lasting relationships. The company's new division is dedicated to curating a comprehensive selection of promotional gifts meticulously crafted to align with clients' unique brand identities and financial parameters.

"Our mission is to facilitate enduring connections through strategic gifting," stated Jack Liang, CEO at Gift-Supplier. "Our newly launched division epitomizes our commitment to delivering customizable promotional gifts that resonate with recipients, reinforcing brand values."

Strategic Significance in Marketing Strategies:

Corporate promotional gifts are integral components of modern marketing strategies, enhancing brand visibility and fostering customer relationships. Whether through branded merchandise or giveaways, these gifts provide tangible expressions of appreciation, cultivating brand loyalty in a competitive marketplace.

Gift-Supplier's corporate promotional gifts division offers a wide array of items, from practical office supplies to stylish apparel and cutting-edge tech gadgets. Each gift bears the company's branding, serving as a catalyst for brand recognition and recall.

"In today's competitive landscape, the strategic use of corporate promotional gifts is paramount," emphasized Jack Liang. "By integrating branded merchandise into their marketing efforts, businesses can significantly amplify brand visibility and deepen connections with their target audience."

Unlike conventional advertising methods, corporate promotional gifts offer personalized and lasting engagement with customers. Whether distributed at industry events, included in customer orders, or given as gestures of appreciation, these gifts leave a lasting impression, fostering goodwill and reciprocity.

Gift-Supplier's corporate promotional gifts division offers a versatile assortment of offerings tailored to diverse industries, occasions, and demographics.

Branded Merchandise: From sleek pens to elegant notebooks and chic drinkware, Gift-Supplier's branded merchandise enhances brand visibility at trade shows, conferences, and corporate events, leaving a lasting impact on recipients.

High-Quality Corporate Gifts: Gift-Supplier offers premium corporate gifts, including luxury items and custom-designed gift baskets, ideal for expressing gratitude to clients, rewarding employees, or commemorating milestones, thereby strengthening brand affinity.

Tech Gadgets and Accessories: Gift-Supplier's tech gadgets, from USB drives to Bluetooth speakers, showcase a commitment to innovation while offering practical utility to recipients, ensuring sustained brand engagement.

Versatility and Customization: Gift-Supplier's corporate promotional gifts are versatile and customizable, tailored to specific industries, events, and demographics, ensuring alignment with clients' brand identities and messaging.

Tailoring Gifts to Align with Brand Identity: Customization at Gift-Supplier begins with a deep understanding of the client's brand identity, resulting in personalized gifts that reinforce brand consistency.

Options for Personalized Touches: Gift-Supplier offers personalized embellishments such as engraving and embossing, enhancing the uniqueness of each gift and fostering brand loyalty.

Successful Brand Integration: Gift-Supplier's track record of successful brand integration showcases its ability to seamlessly incorporate brand elements into promotional gifts, leading to impactful marketing campaigns and heightened brand visibility.

Gift-Supplier's commitment to customization and brand integration empowers businesses to amplify their brand presence and forge lasting connections with their audience.

"Gift-Supplier is dedicated to providing a diverse range of corporate promotional gifts that meet our clients' varied needs," affirmed [Spokesperson Name]. "We understand the importance of customization and brand integration in fostering meaningful connections with our clients' audience."

Gift-Supplier's repository of success stories and client testimonials underscores its commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. From startups to multinational corporations, clients across diverse industries have experienced the transformative impact of partnering with Gift-Supplier for their promotional gift needs.

Gift-Supplier invites businesses to elevate their brand presence through tailored corporate promotional gifts. With a focus on excellence, creativity, and personalized service, Gift-Supplier empowers businesses to realize their branding and marketing goals effectively. By collaborating with Gift-Supplier, businesses gain access to exceptional product quality, competitive pricing, dedicated customer service, and successful brand integration, ensuring impactful promotional endeavors and lasting brand success.

Special Promotion: Reach your community with custom basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it can bring people together. Whether you're playing on the court or watching from the sidelines, basketball can create a sense of community and camaraderie. Custom basketball can be a powerful tool for businesses and organizations seeking to reach their local community. Creating a personalized basketball with your logo or message allows you to reach out to your community uniquely and memorably.

There are many benefits to using custom basketballs to reach out to your community. Here are some of the main advantages.

Memorable. Custom basketballs are a unique and memorable way to promote your brand. Whether you give them as gifts or use them in promotions, people are likely to remember the basketballs and the message they represent.

Versatility: Custom basketballs can be used in various settings, from charity events to company picnics. They are versatile tools that can be used to reach people of all ages and backgrounds.

Promotes physical activity. Basketball is a sport that encourages exercise and physical activity. Promoting basketball in your community can encourage people to get active and improve their health.

Build community. Basketball brings people together, and custom basketball can help you build a sense of community in your local area. Whether people are playing at a local park or attending a charity event, basketballs can create a sense of togetherness and teamwork.

Use them in promotional campaigns. Custom basketballs can be used to promote your brand or message. For example, you can host a charity event where participants play basketball with a custom basketball with your logo or message, which is a great way to give back to the community and can have a positive impact.

6 Optimize Promotional Products for Business Growth in 2024

Looking to elevate your brand's visibility and significance in 2023? Effectively integrating promotional products into your marketing strategy is a powerful method to achieve this objective. Explore these six proven strategies for maximizing the impact of promotional products and boosting your business:

  1. Strategic Deployment at Professional Conferences Enhance your company's reach by leveraging promotional products at professional conferences and trade shows. Establishing connections with like-minded professionals is crucial for success. Utilize promotional items to initiate conversations, creating awareness about your brand. Post-event collaboration opportunities can then be explored, elevating both companies to new heights of success.

  2. Integrating Promo Items with Purchases Elevate customer interactions by distributing promotional items alongside purchases. For instance, distributing branded pens with bulk orders serves as a functional gift that keeps your brand visible. Since pens are everyday essentials, this approach effectively ensures your contact information remains readily available. Crafted well, this strategy becomes a valuable asset, contributing to the success of your business.

  3. Customer-Centric Purchases Tailor your promotional product selection to meet the specific needs and interests of your customers. For instance, a health and fitness-focused company could distribute branded snack packs of nutritious nuts and fruits. By aligning with your customers' preferences, you demonstrate a genuine commitment to their well-being, fostering a positive association with your brand and encouraging future engagement.

  4. Stimulate Social Media Engagement Leverage social media platforms to amplify your brand's reach. Encourage customers to share their promotional gifts online by offering incentives such as discounts or additional freebies. This cost-effective strategy capitalizes on the viral nature of social media, exponentially increasing your brand's visibility across diverse audiences.

  5. Premium Gifts for Loyal Customers Recognize and reward customer loyalty by offering premium promotional gifts. High-quality items like stylish hats or elegant drinking glasses express gratitude to devoted customers, deepening your brand's connection with their lives. Successfully implementing this strategy builds a loyal customer base committed to your brand for the long term.

  6. Invest in Reusable Promo Items Opt for promotional products that serve long-term utility, fostering a lasting connection between customers and your brand. Items like reusable drinking cups, used frequently, become ingrained in customers' daily lives. The repeated exposure enhances brand recall, and the shared use of these items expands your brand's visibility to a broader audience.

Deploying promotional products strategically can significantly contribute to the success of your business. By aligning these products with your marketing goals and focusing on customer needs, you create lasting impressions and foster strong connections that drive business growth.

Promotional Products are Critical for Your Next Event
Promotional products have been used for years as a marketing tool to build brand recognition and loyalty and boost sales. Companies often use promotional products in their events to attract potential customers, retain existing ones, and keep their brand at the forefront of people's minds. Promotional products are an effective and affordable way to advertise your company. Here are some of the reasons why promotional products are important to your company events.
One of the key benefits of using promotional products is to increase brand recognition. The more people see your brand name and logo, the more familiar they will become with it, which will help increase brand recognition. Promotional products can be used to display your brand and logo on various products, such as pens, t-shirts, bags, mugs, and much more. By giving out these items at your company events, you can ensure that your brand is seen by many people, which will help increase your brand recognition.
Promotional products are also great for customer retention. Giving out promotional products to your customers shows that you value their business and that you appreciate their loyalty. By giving out a promotional item, you are creating a positive association with your brand in the minds of your customers, which will make them more likely to continue to do business with you in the future.
Promotional products are an affordable way to advertise your company. They are cost-effective and offer a high return on investment. They are less expensive than traditional advertising methods like billboards, TV ads, and radio ads. Additionally, promotional products can be used repeatedly, which makes them more effective in promoting your brand to a wider audience.
Promotional products are also great for increasing customer engagement. You can create a buzz and generate interest in your brand by giving out promotional items. People are more likely to engage with your brand if they feel that they are receiving something of value. By giving out promotional items, you are creating a positive association with your brand, which can lead to increased customer engagement and loyalty.
In summary,promotional products are an effective and affordable way to advertise your company. They offer a range of benefits, including increased brand recognition, customer retention, cost-effective marketing, and increased customer engagement. By using promotional products at your company events, you can ensure that your brand is seen by many people, which can help boost your sales and grow your business. So, if you're looking for a way to promote your company, consider using promotional products at your next event.


As the summer season approaches, businesses and organizations are preparing for promotional campaigns that will capture the attention of their target audience. Summer is a time for fun in the sun, and it's the perfect opportunity to showcase custom promotional products that will protect your clients from harmful UV rays and promote your brand. Custom sunglasses and SPF products are some of the most popular summer promotional products that can help you achieve this goal.

Custom sunglasses are a great way to promote your brand while providing a practical and stylish gift to your customers. Sunglasses are a staple item for anyone who spends time outdoors, especially during the summer months. A pair of custom sunglasses with your brand logo is a highly visible and effective way to increase brand recognition and recall.

When choosing custom sunglasses, it is important to consider their style, design, and functionality. A wide range of styles are available, from classic aviator sunglasses to trendy round frames. You can also choose from different lens colors and frame materials. Make sure to select sunglasses that align with your brand identity and the preferences of your target audience.

Summer is also the season for sunburns and skin damage. Providing your clients with promotional SPF products is not only a thoughtful gesture, but it can also save them from the discomfort and health risks associated with sunburns. Many SPF products are available, including sunscreen, lip balm, and moisturizers with SPF protection.

When selecting SPF products for your promotional campaign, consider the level of protection, ingredients, and packaging from

As we know, custom sunglasses and SPF products are highly effective and practical promotional products for the summer season. By providing your clients with practical and thoughtful gifts that protect them from the sun's harmful rays, you can increase brand recognition, customer loyalty, and overall engagement with your brand. Make sure to select high-quality products that align with your brand identity and the preferences of your target audience for the best results.

Raise your brands with promotional products in Spring

Spring is a great time for promotional products wholesale to help promote your business and engage with your target audience. As the weather gets warmer and flowers bloom, many businesses look for opportunities to promote their brand the spring season.  

Umbrellas: Spring is known for its unpredictable weather, so umbrellas are a practical and useful promotional product. They can be customized with your brand's logo or message and given away at trade shows, outdoor events, or as part of a spring-themed gift basket.

Picnic Blankets: Spring is the perfect time for picnics in the park. A branded picnic blanket is a practical and fun promotional product that can be used for outdoor events or as part of a spring-themed gift basket.

Water Bottles: As the temperature rises, staying hydrated becomes even more important. Branded water bottles make a practical and eco-friendly promotional product. They can be given away at outdoor events, sporting events, or as part of a spring wellness promotion.

Sunglasses: With the sun shining brighter, sunglasses are a must-have accessory for the spring season. Branded sunglasses make a fun and stylish promotional product that can be given away at outdoor events, trade shows, or as part of a spring-themed gift basket.

Seed Packets: Spring is also the time for gardening and planting. Branded seed packets make a thoughtful and eco-friendly promotional product that can be given away at trade shows, outdoor events, or as part of a spring wellness promotion.

Tote Bags: With spring comes the urge to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. Tote bags are useful for carrying essentials like sunglasses, sunscreen, and water bottles. They can be customized with your brand's logo and make a great giveaway item at outdoor events.

In conclusion, spring is a great time to promote your brand with fun and practical promotional products. From umbrellas to sunglasses to seed packets, there are plenty of options. Make sure to customize whatever you choose with your brand's logo or message to make a lasting impression on your target audience.

How to Use Promotional Products Effectively

In business, there are few things more important than being remembered. Consumers recognize your brand more, and your target audience will likely think of you when they need your products and services. It can have a significant impact on your lead conversion and sales.

One of the best ways to make a lasting impression on consumers is to offer promotional products with your brand. However, there are right and wrong ways to approach them. So, to ensure you're doing it right, here's what you need to know if you want to use promotional products to improve your marketing and stimulate cash flow.

According to a study conducted by the International Promotional Products Association, 88% of people remember a brand better after receiving a promotional product from that brand. By comparison, it typically takes seven impressions of a TV, print, or online ad for people to remember your company name and what you do finally.

Not to mention the fact that they inspire consumers to take action. In a British Merchandise Association study, an incredible 79% of recipients said they were more likely to invest in a company's products or services after receiving a branded promotional product from that company.

To maximize the benefits you can expect, here are seven smart tips and simple tricks you need to keep in mind from start to finish. Put them into practice as you solidify your strategy to take full advantage of all that promotional products can offer your business.

Stick with it

Did you know that people keep promotional products for about a year? However, some products are supported longer than others. So, to ensure that your brand stays in people's homes and their sight for longer, creating promotional products with staying power is essential.

Always remember your audience.

In marketing, you must always keep your audience in mind. There is no point in making major decisions if the results do not appeal directly to your target market. Therefore, in addition to considering longevity, you must also consider relevance.

Put quality first

It is possible to produce a superior quality promotional product without spending much money. For example, something as simple as a metal pen can be a gift for anything else that is also thoughtful, as long as it looks and performs well.

Offer promotional products to employees.

If you've never offered a free branded gift before, you're worried about whether the strategy is right. Thankfully, there's no need to go about it blindly. Instead, why not start by giving your employees some promotional products to show they are valued?

Perhaps consider investing in some branded bags that your guests can take with them during the day and fill with goodies you know they'll want to use. It could include notebooks and other stationery, lanyards or key rings, and maybe some tasty candy to eat.

As with all other marketing solutions, paying close attention to results is the best way to ensure your long-term success. While promotional gifts can be a great strategy to use regularly, it doesn't make sense to repeat what you did the first time if the initial attempts yielded relatively few results.

Therefore, please pay attention to the products people like best and contact sales to measure the results after you give them out. Chances are, you'll get a good return on your investment with each giveaway, but you should always try to do better next time.

Your Puppy Love with Pet Promotional Products

If you're a dog owner, you know that your furry friend isn't just a pet; they're a family member. That's why showing your puppy love in various ways is important. One fun and unique way to show your love is through pet promotional products. From personalized dog tags to custom pet bowls, there are various ways to show your furry friend how much you care.

One of the most practical and thoughtful ways to show your puppy love is by getting them a personalized dog tag. These tags can be customized with your pet's name, your phone number, or a special message. Not only will a personalized dog tag keep your pet safe, but it's also a fun way to show off their personality.

Another great way to show love is by getting your furry friend a customized pet bowl. You can choose from various colors and designs to match your pet's personality. These bowls can also be personalized with your pet's name or a special message. Not only are customized pet bowls functional, but they can also be a fun addition to your home decor from

If you want to give your pet a stylish look, consider getting them a custom bandana. You can choose from different colors and designs to match your pet's personality. Whether you're taking your pup on a walk or just lounging at home, a custom bandana is a fun and fashionable way to show your love.

If your dog loves to dress up, consider getting them a custom t-shirt. You can choose from various designs and colors to match pet's style. Not only are pet t-shirts adorable and can keep your furry friend warm on chilly days.

Pet Toys

One of the most enjoyable ways to show your puppy love is by getting them a new toy. Whether it's a chew toy, a ball, or a squeaky toy, your pet will surely appreciate the gesture. Playing with your pet is a great way to bond and create lasting memories.

If you're looking for a practical way to show your love, consider getting a customized leash. You can choose from various colors and designs to match your pet's style. A customized leash is not only functional, but it's also a fun and unique way to show your love.

By taking the time to show your love, you're not only strengthening your bond with your pet, but you're also creating lasting memories. So, spoil your furry friend with a fun and unique pet promotional product. They deserve it!

Importance of using promotional products to increase sales

Promotional products are a powerful tool for increasing sales and building brand awareness. By using customized items that feature your company's logo or message, you can create a lasting impression on potential customers and increase the likelihood of repeat business. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using promotional products to increase sales and provide tips on how to create a successful promotional product campaign.  

Increased Brand Awareness: Promotional products are an effective way to increase brand awareness. By placing your logo or message on a tangible item, you are creating a physical connection with your brand. This increases the likelihood that potential customers will remember your company and think of you when they need your product or service.

Increased Customer Loyalty: Giving away promotional products can create customer loyalty. When customers receive something for free, they are more likely to remember your company and become repeat customers. This can lead to increased sales and word-of-mouth referrals.

Cost-Effective: Promotional products are a cost-effective way to increase sales. They are often less expensive than traditional advertising methods, such as television or radio commercials. This makes them an ideal option for small businesses or those with limited advertising budgets.

Versatile: Promotional products come in a variety of forms, including pens, keychains, T-shirts, and water bottles. This allows you to choose a product that best represents your company and its values. By selecting a product that aligns with your brand, you are more likely to attract the right kind of customers.

To create a successful promotional product campaign, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example,before you start your campaign, it's important to set clear goals. This will help you to measure the success of your campaign and make any necessary adjustments. Also, make sure that your logo or message is clearly visible on the product. This will help to increase brand awareness and make it easier for customers to remember your company.

So, promotional products are an effective way to increase sales and build brand awareness. By choosing high-quality products that align with your brand, you can create a lasting impression on potential customers and increase the likelihood of repeat business.

Why They Are The Top 10 Promotional Products

The top 10 promotional products are:

  1. Branded pens: Pens are popular because they are useful and cost-effective, making them a great way to get your brand in front of a large audience.

  2. Tote bags: Tote bags are eco-friendly and reusable, making them a popular choice for promotional products. They also offer a large space for branding.

  3. Branded water bottles: Water bottles are practical and can be used on a daily basis, making them an effective way to promote your brand.

  4. USB drives: USB drives are a useful tech accessory and can be customized with your brand logo, making them a popular promotional item.

  5. Branded apparel: Branded apparel is a great way to increase brand visibility and promote a sense of team spirit among employees.

  6. Coffee mugs: Coffee mugs are a popular choice because they are practical and often used on a daily basis, allowing your brand to stay top of mind.

  7. Keychains: Keychains are small, cost-effective, and easy to distribute, making them a popular choice for promotional products.

  8. Notebooks: Notebooks are a useful item for people to have on hand for note-taking, making them a popular promotional item.

  9. Phone accessories: With the widespread use of smartphones, phone accessories like phone cases and pop sockets have become popular promotional items.

  10. Desk accessories: Desk accessories like mouse pads, paperweights, and desk clocks are practical items that can be used on a daily basis, making them effective promotional products.

These products are popular because they are practical, cost-effective, and can be customized with a brand logo, making them a great way to increase brand visibility. Additionally, many of these products are useful in daily life, allowing the brand to stay top of mind for longer periods of time. Finally, these products are often easy to distribute, making them a convenient choice for businesses looking to increase brand awareness.

Things you Need to Know About Branded Water Bottles

Branded water bottles are one of the best options for gaining exposure and brand recognition for your company using promotional products. Since they can be used every day and taken almost anywhere, branded drink bottles can showcase your company name and logo to all people.  

More importantly, they are a practical gift that your customers will highly value and help strengthen your relationship with them.

But what do you need to consider when using branded water bottles to promote your company? This guide will cover everything you need to know when ordering promotional beverage bottles.

Why use a branded water bottle?

Promotional products are a long-term marketing technique based on a simple premise. By giving your customers a valuable gift, you can build a stronger relationship with them by providing them with added value from your company. In addition, this gift can effectively promote your brand as it exposes new people to your name and logo.

Promotional drink bottles work particularly well as promotional items for many reasons. First, they are helpful in everyday life, ensuring that your customers will use them for a long time. Research by the wholesale Promotional Products Association International (PPIA) shows that 3 out of 4 people will continue using a valuable promotional item.

Promotional drink bottles are also very affordable and easy to manufacture in bulk. Combined with their long-term use, personalized beverage bottles can create cost-effective exposure for your brand. Over their lifetime, hundreds of people are likely to see them - and as a result, your brand! It's all about personalized beverage bottles.

The average cost per impression for a promotional water bottle is estimated to be under 0.5 cents - making them highly cost-effective. Branded Water Bottles

The overall brand exposure of a personalized water bottle can be very high because beverage bottles can quickly become a part of everyday life. It will soon become a habit for your customers to take your water bottle with them when they go to work, travel, or play sports.

The connection between water bottles and fitness is particularly beneficial due to the growing fitness trend among young people, explains Melissa Ralston, vice president of marketing at BIC Graphic." Fitness isn't just a trend; it's a lifestyle. As health and wellness awareness increases, so do the variety of products that support it. We have shaker bottles, athlete bottles, and vacuum insulated drinkware that keeps drinks cold throughout the workout."

Finally, custom beverage bottles help promote an eco-friendly image, offering several environmental benefits. Reusable branded bottles help reduce plastic waste by avoiding the purchase of bottled beverages. They can also be made from sustainable, recyclable, or biodegradable materials to help further reduce waste.

In recent years, promotional product experts have often highlighted branded bottle benefits. For example, Toni May, marketing manager at Fully Promoted, says, "Trends will continue to follow consumer demand for environmentally friendly products such as reusable water bottles."

Cute Baby Promotional Items

One of the best ways for your nonprofit to reach people is by scheduling a live fundraiser. It could be a bake sale, 5K, car wash, blanket drive, or tree planting in a park, but there's no beating face-to-face interaction!

Promotional items and branded merchandise are necessary at your nonprofit or charity fundraisers. You can give away tickets or sell them for a little extra money. Were you stuck for inspiration? Here are a few nonprofit promotional items you should try now!   

1. Custom Drawstring Bags

Cheap drawstring bags filled with candy and coupons are an easy way to welcome visitors to your fundraiser. Who knows? By handing out these free giveaways, you may inspire everyone in the crowd to be just as charitable by donating to your cause!

2. Heart Stress Balls

Love is what makes your nonprofit or charity thrive! Share the good vibes and print a positive message on these squishy heart stress balls, which are less than a dollar each. These lovable toys are available in 11 colors so you can match them to your awareness ribbon color!

4. Promotional Fidget Toys

Are kids going to be at your fundraiser? Win them over with fun fidget toys printed with your logo! These nonprofit giveaways are a win-win since they give the kids something to do during the "boring" parts, like the speeches before the food is served.

5. Stuffed Animal Keychains

Stuffed animal keychains are more affordable for nonprofits than full-sized plushies, but they're just as adorable. Lions, tigers, and bears are here, but you can also get dogs, eagles, giraffes, and more! These promotional items are particularly remarkable for animal shelters and wildlife preservation efforts.

6. Custom Stylus Pens

The entire world is on our smartphones. Stay with the times with custom stylus pens as promotional items for your nonprofit. You can use them as free giveaways at fundraisers or sell them for $3 to $5 each in an online gift shop.


7. Color Changing Cups

A good fundraiser has plenty of tasty snacks and drinks! Serve juice, soda, and fruity smoothies in these fun color-changing cups printed with your nonprofit's name. Your visitors can bring this promotional swag home as a souvenir during the fundraiser.

8. Reusable Grocery Bags

Most people go grocery shopping at least once a week. Every time they pick up milk, they'll think about your cause if you print your logo on custom grocery bags. These promotional items are perfect swag bags for fundraisers!

You now have a ton of fantastic product inspiration for your next fundraiser! Your nonprofit may not have the budget of a Fortune 500 company, but that doesn't mean you're stuck with cheap giveaways and merchandise that no one will want. The promotional items featured above are proof! Do you want to give them a try? Contact us for details.


Buy Best Custom Pens of 2023

Here's our guide to the best custom pens of 2022. You'll find inexpensive pens, click-action ballpoint pens, cool deluxe spinner pens, and even pens shaped like paintbrushes

You use the pens to write grocery lists, keep up with work tasks, and maybe even jot down the phone numbers of potential dates. It's no wonder that over 2 billion pens are produced on the planet every year!

Even in this digital world, custom pens are still handy. They make great giveaways at job fairs or trade shows, schools can keep them in stock at bookstores, and restaurants can give logo pens as gifts to their wait staff.

You can buy over 2,500 personalized pens in bulk. 83% are ballpoint pens, 15% are styluses, 3% are rollerball pens, 4% are unisex pens, and 2% are luxury pens from brands like Parker, Cross, Montblanc, and Waterman.

Ballpoint pens are helpful for everyone, so fill your supply closet with Archer 2 fountain pens! These custom pens have slim barrels and precision nibs for a full day of note-taking. Writers can use these plastic pens for brainstorming; students can use them while studying, and office workers can use them at their desks. This is an excellent pen for everyone!

According to the Pew Research Center, 85% of people in the U.S. own a smartphone. Satin styluses are compatible with iPhones and Android phones, which makes them perfect for those who "write" text messages, emails, and lists on their devices. As a bonus, these custom styluses have a stylish look too!

The colorful unisex pens are great for those who love craft projects. The Jot It Down pens come in 24 different ink colors, including bright blue, olive green, metallic silver, rose gold, and even an excellent sangria! These pens are custom-made for your elementary school. Order these custom pens for your elementary school, library, or community center.

While they may be extravagant, luxury pens make fabulous gifts for CEOs, writers, and journalists. You deserve the best cells, and there's nothing fancier than a Parker IM ballpoint pen! These engraved pens, available in small quantities, have a glossy lacquer finish and silver or gold chrome accents.

Become a true artist with these unique custom pens! Each brush is "dipped" in five colors: blue, red, green, purple, or gold. Wine and Paint events can sell these novelty pens to visitors, and art schools can reserve them for their students. These personalized pens also make great stocking stuffers for the holidays!

Don't be fooled - they may look like pencils, but these are wooden pens! Available in 11 colors, Accura Point pens are perfect for long-term use. They will be popular with students of all ages and be unique gifts for trade shows and large conventions.

No list of the best pens would be complete without the Bic Clic Stic pen. Not only do the Bic Clic Stic pens rhyme, but they come in a massive selection of colors. Mix and match the colors of the nib, barrel, and clip for millions of possible combinations. In addition, the thin barrel makes these custom pens comfortable when you have a lot of writing to do.

Editors and teachers need red ink pens to make changes. If you find yourself in either of these categories, then Paper Mate Ink Joy Pens are for you! Is red not your style? You can also get these logo pens in 8 other ink colors!

Promotional Customize Phone Accessories with Helpful Tips

The Pew Research Center reports that 85% of Americans own a smartphone, an increase of 31% in the last ten years! With so many of us tapping away on our screens, it only makes sense that you advertise with custom cell phone . With so many of us tapping away at our screens, it only makes sense that you advertise with custom-made cell phone accessories.

Stylers, chargers, phone cases, and wireless headsets are gifts that won't end up in the trash. Here are all the design tips you need to make your cell phone accessories look great!

Why do you need custom cell phone accessories?

You can be a baker, a veterinarian, a lawyer, or a mechanic, or you can put your logo on a cell phone accessory. After all, it's a safe bet that your customers carry their smartphones around daily! You can set your logo on a cell phone.

Cell phone accessories are perfect for any brand, but they work exceptionally well for the following brands.

Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and other providers should offer logoed cell phone accessories in their stores. Something as simple as a free microfiber cloth would make customers feel better about spending their hard-earned money.

Teens aren't the only ones following influencers on social media. In fact, 49% of consumers trust influencers' recommendations. If you're an influencer or want to be one, you should get your name out there with an excellent personalized mobile accessory.

More than 500 million people have a ride-sharing app on their phones. Uber and Lyft are only growing in popularity, so they can recruit more drivers and users by incorporating custom mobile accessories into their campaigns.

Do you want to get your mind blown? Forbes reports that Gen Z'ers spend a staggering nine hours daily on their phones! That's why they choose to buy cell phones. Students will purchase all kinds of cell phone accessories at the school bookstore.

Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+, and other streaming sites should advertise with mobile products. These streaming sites could choose accessories in their brand colors, print their logo on the front, and offer them as freebies for new sign-ups

The best way to make your pop-up store go viral is to offer some sort of excellent giveaway. Unique mobile accessories are a great option because visitors can start using them immediately.

Nonprofit organizations have smaller marketing budgets, so they need cheap promotional products. Customized cell phone products are inexpensive and great for gift bags at on-site fundraising events. You can also sell them in an online gift store to raise more money for your cause.

People will walk past your exhibit unless you have some enticing promotion at trade shows. Skip the cheap keychains and stress balls in favor of excellent cell phone accessories.

Surprise your employees this holiday season with custom cell phone accessories. A Bluetooth speaker for their home office, or a wireless charger they can take with them, are much better than another boring gift card!

Do you want custom cell phone accessories for your business or event? You should make these items look stylish, unique, and fun!

Promotional Human Hair Wigs and Synthetic Hair

Do you know how many days to wash your human hair/ hairpiece wig? It should be every 7-14 days of wear. However, the lifespan of your wig is shortened when your hairpiece is washed each time. Using as few styling products as possible on your hair wigs will allow you to wash them less often and extend their life. Here are useful instructions.

It will extend the life of your lace front wigs when wearing a wig cap underneath. The wig cap will help absorb scalp oils, stopping them away from the base of the cap. Invest in quality products to maintain your wig.

Step 1. Solve the problem

Tangling and matting t the nap

Dry and Frizzy

Step 2: Put the Wig on a canvas head

Use t-pins to protect at the top of each ear tab

Pin at the bottom of each ear tab & at the outer corners of the nape area.

Step 3 Get down to detangling process

Separating into small sections permits you to have more control in that area and does not put as much tension on the hair when brushing/combing through.

Step 4. Condition synthetic hair 

Combine the Conditions with 2-3 pumps of Argan Treatment Mist

Put the products together in your hands

Step 5. Scrub the products into the matted area

Apply the mixture to the affected areas;

Avoid applying too much or getting near any hand-tied areas.

Step 6. Detangle one more time

Gently start to comb the tangles out in small sections;

Step 7. Wash your synthetic hair, Deep Condition the promotional Hair Extensions

step 8 Clean your wig/hairpiece with useful methods

Finally, apply low heat around the hair with a blow dryer for about 1-2 minutes;

Once the deep conditioning process has been completed, rinse the wig with cool running water.

Step 9. Dry it

Naked Sunshine will fade the hair so avoid storing your wig where it will be open to the light.

Do not wear your wigs while in bed. It may cause hair loss, damage, and disorder.

Summer Envy Wigs Makes you Look Better 

Always be confident! Are you going to take up some shades and absorb the brilliant summer sunshine? We need as much happiness and here are some styles that will bring a smile to your face. Believe it!

The weather gets warmer and warmer. Get a cooler wig that will let air circulate freely and look cool. These collections are from a delicate thin layer of gossamer. It lies gently against the scalp allowing air to circulate freely. The petal patterned netting adds stretch support and dyes in a complementary shade to the fibers. You don't have to worry about your getting sweaty through these caps you'll have full ventilation. You can style left and right with lace wigs, keep it sophisticated summer hairstyles during the days and step up the volume at night.  

If you're in the market for something more flexible our mono wigs might be amazing for your Summer Hair Styles. These human wigs can be parted on the left and right or down in the middle due to the wig's high-quality construction and reveal nothing but a great style. The secret is the quality of the construction, each strand of fiber hand-tied to simulate natural hair growth. This gives the scalp a more natural-looking.

It would be up to 100% human hair regardless of curl, straighten, brush, and comb. Envy human hair wigs have a special blend of 70% heat friendly and 30% human hair, with built-in moisture control properties that can withstand Heat Tools. Every strand of hair is tied by hand into the softest head-hugging cap material so that our customers can look and feel more gorgeous.

Customize Your Mouse Pad Perfectly 2023

It may not be a brand new car or a nice pair of earrings, but the promotional mouse pad is still a great gift. All it takes is a cool and compelling design, and people will be excited to receive one! Forget plants, lights, and oil diffusers. Sometimes the best office decoration is a cool mouse pad, and you want your mouse pad to look great. It's super easy! Put on your artist hat and get ready to customize some beautiful mouse pads.

So, why?

A nice promotional mouse pad is one of those things you need, but don't really think about it. Therefore, in many cases, it is a good gift.

Are you a new tech startup or electronics store? Host a big grand opening and give out custom wholesale mouse pads to all the visitors. They'll remember you every time they look down and see your logo.

If you work in real estate, this one's for you! A mouse pad is like a bigger, better magnet. You can add your name and phone number and get a big bunch of recommendations in the process.

Your employees are hard at work every day and their mouse pads will get worn out over time. Decorate new ones, order them in bulk, and hand them out to everyone in the office.

Regardless of your industry, you should consider having customized mouse pads front and center at your booth. It's common to trade show etiquette to come with something free for the crowd.

People will not be able to resist the eye-catching mouse pad. Sell them at your fundraising events and watch the money flow into your organization!

Promotional Socks with Different Materials

As winter approaches with its icy gusts and plummeting temperatures, the promotional industry is, as always, responding to business needs. Among cold weather products such as beanies and scarves, a winter staple, another category of wholesale promotional items is a definite contender: promotional socks. There are styles for all times of the year, as well as for different activities at those same times of the year. Whether you are customizing business socks for normal office wear, or cotton athletic socks for sports and casual use, there are custom sock styles to fit these requirements and everything in between.  

One of the situations that promotional marketers face is coming up with new ideas that promote their brand while also connecting with their audience on a deeper emotional level. In this regard, promotional socks are on point. An item of clothing that becomes part of the owner's everyday life is a nice way to connect with people and let's face it, everyone can order another pair of socks.

The materials used for custom socks are almost the same as those found in the retail market. Cotton, wool, and polyester blends are all available for socks. In general, cotton socks are best for casual and athletic use, wool for fashion and cold weather applications, and polyester blend styles are most suitable for business use.

Custom branding on wholesale promotional socks is achieved in one of three ways, depending on the style you order and the quantity in your order. The premium choice is to have your socks custom woven. This way the socks are made from scratch and your logo and message are actually woven into the design as part of the manufacturing process. This looks the best and since the logo is an integral part of each pair of socks, there is no chance of the logo degrading or being removed. The second option is embroidery. This is suitable for small orders of socks so as to add the logo to existing "off-the-shelf" socks. 

While it's easy to overlook socks, many people have a personal connection to their favorite pair of socks that stay cozy when worn. With pretty cheap prices and quality comparable to styles available at retail, there is a promotional sock style to suit every marketing application and budget.

Growing Custom Keep Cups

Combining style, high-level branding, and true green benefits, there is a style of keep cup for everyone, whether they prefer hot or cold beverages and no matter what time of day they use it. The original keep cup was a product innovation that took off in retail and then migrated to the promotional products world. But after that, manufacturers responding to the requirements of the worldwide promotional industry have produced and eventually marketed hundreds of different styles, all with functional components that give a nod to the original product that created the category.

While the original insulated keep cups were made of dishwasher-safe polyurethane, many prefer glass reusable mugs, even those with a double-layer vacuum-insulated design, which not only guarantee that the contents remain at the proper temperature for longer, but the insulating properties of the walls ensure that no undue condensation builds up on the outside of the keep cups, which can make them difficult to hold, resulting in a table leaving a ring of moisture.

From a branding perspective, the latest models of reusable mugs have been designed in such a way that your custom brand can stand out more easily than earlier, retail-based models. And the fact that advances in the product category have led to superior quality reusable coffee mugs is another reason why their customers keep coming back for their daily fix. It is in everyone's interest to provide a beverage container that presents the contents in the best order for enjoyable consumption, and loyal customers who can always enjoy their favorite coffee are potential business builders.

While the general discussion about promotional keep cups and reusable coffee mugs is that they are used for hot beverages, the fact is that the high level of insulation offered in most models is more successful at keeping summer beverages cold than at keeping the contents hot. This is a positive side for promotional marketers because these products are available year-round and the more your logo is seen and the more products printed on it are handled, the more likely the return on your wholesale promotional investment will increase.

Most Practical Custom Cooler Bag for business Promotion

Promotional cooler bags are getting less attention from brand marketers, as the warmer months are fading away, with products like coffee mugs and umbrellas taking top billing among potential buyers. However, since "global warming" has now become "climate change," the inside scoop on cooler bags is that they are effectively insulated containers that can be used whatever temperature extremes you experience in the outside climate. So whether it's hot outside or winter, custom branded cooler bags are the perfect device for storing lunch or any other climate extremes you want to protect against.

These various insulated cooler bags means there's something for every promotional situation. The right size, a six-pack of your favorite beverage, or keeping your lunch at the right temperature for future pleasant consumption at a cheap price doesn't mean they're inferior or that they lack utility. As a matter of fact, the simple fact that they're lined with insulating foil means they're lightweight. When not in use, they can be folded into a compact space so they can be stored in a car glove box or other convenient place.

A huge advantage for buyers of cooler bags is the large range of different styles and price points to choose from. From low-cost options that can be given as affordable gifts to almost anyone, to top-end versions that are big enough to hold a picnic, there are hundreds of different styles to choose from. The range of different options includes different forms of insulation, which are used in different cooler bag styles. Lower-cost products often use foil liners, while more upscale cooler bags have foam sheets sewn into the walls to raise the level of insulation. There are also versions that are designed around a basic backpack configuration so they can be carried easily, while other styles resemble classic tote bags or shopping bags so they can be used to carry household shopping or other purchased supplies.

There is a common feature of all styles of cooler bags, which they have a high level of branding. Bags are one of the traditional promotional product categories that feature a high level and visibility of branding. With a large visible surface and the potential to be seen in public or outdoors, more than other more personal promotional product styles, cooler bags are a moving billboard with a practical purpose beyond convincing the observer of the importance of the message they carry. 

The ultimate buying guide to the Rolex Datejust

Released in 1945 to celebrate the brand's 40th anniversary, the Rolex Datejust forever set the standard for date display on watches and has been in production ever since. Today, the Datejust is Rolex's most diverse watch collection, offering a wide range of sizes, materials, and configurations, as well as being the best-selling replica rolex has ever manufactured. 

Different from other Rolex's various sports watches, which were developed particularly for a particular sport, environment, or demanding lifestyle activity, the Datejust is a durable, reliable watch that can be worn every day during a variety of different activities. In addition, when purchasing a Rolex Datejust on the pre-owned market, you can choose from case sizes ranging from 26mm to 41mm in diameter and an almost endless variety of different configurations including multiple materials, dials, bezels, straps, and movements. Conceived at a time when owning multiple watches was not commonplace, the Rolex Datejust was created as a quality watch that one could own and wear for a lifetime.

The Daytona is Rolex's line of chronographs, created for the world of professional auto racing. Launched in 1963, the Rolex Daytona takes its name from the famous Daytona International Speedway in Florida, and while few people use these chronographs to keep time on the track today, the Rolex Daytona can be found on the wrists of countless celebrities and professional athletes around the globe.

When it comes to great value, collectible Rolex models, the Daytona is usually the first name that comes to mind. It's no coincidence that the Daytona makes up the majority of the list of the most expensive Rolex watches ever made, and vintage Rolex Daytona watches are often among the most expensive models available. At the retail level, most Daytona watches are completely sold out and cannot be purchased without spending a significant amount of time on the waiting list. As a result, most pre-owned Rolex Daytona watches trade for more than twice their original new retail price.

Every Rolex will be a valuable addition to any luxury watch collection, so you really can't go wrong when choosing a Rolex model. No matter what Rolex you buy, you will get one of the best timepieces in the world and the most important thing is to find the right Rolex watch for you. Next time, we will see more details.

Promotional DRY BAGS

Climate change is a subject on which everyone has an opinion, whether it is real, what impact it will have, and how it can be avoided or reversed are issues that have received a lot of media and political attention. One thing is for sure, this is a product that will ease tensions and concerns from climate change chatter, will have an intellectual and emotional impact, and will allow you to claim that these human reactions cover the promotion field. 

A perfect product idea to take advantage of climate-related discussions is to promote dry bags. Not only is an effective and simple way to protect your valuables such as mobile phone, keys, wallet from one of the most serious environmental problem and unpredictable climate, but the custom dry bag is also a universal product, can be used in a variety of activities, they provide a cost-effective and lasting solutions, provide high level, high definition brand visibility.

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in exploring the outdoors, seeking adventure, and escaping from the harmful conditions of modern urban life. Promotional Products provide respite from the modern agonizing problems of society and individuals so that people of great interest realize that there is a lot of consumerism in suburban living that always promotes the purpose of marketing with possible customers and customer connections connected with people's emotional and practical levels. The fact that custom bags can be used in almost any outdoor activity is a wager reason to add your logo to them as their universal value and practical design ensures that even those who do not currently anticipate the need for one will eventually find one used for bags are gifted.

The brand is always an important consideration when choosing the right promotional product for any organization, and in this respect, customized bags are the brand's superstar. Not only is the single screen printing option enough to see from a distance, but most bags also print on both sides so multiple message options or at least the same logo twice are viable options for those who want to highlight their brand awareness.

The range of size and style of the bag is also a major consideration, which should lead the astute businessman along this path of consideration. There are sizes for almost every use. They started in a size suitable for keeping your mobile phone and some other bits and pieces, and move until you see the dry bag 50 liters capacity suitable for practical use in the bush or protect your assets when canoeing sea travel or things can quickly get damp, your survival may depend on the contents of the package be protected, to avoid damage and the influence of the bad weather.

It seems to be a straightforward decision to take advantage of the obvious advantages inherent in the promotional dry bag range. Both true outdoor exporters of carriage potatoes who are worried that their electronic information devices will not be able to withstand the impact of the great outdoor custom dry-bag style are available, will suit all users, and make sure your logo gets noticed both by the door and out.


South Australia is located at the bottom of the Australian island continent and has never had a conviction in any state in Australia. To this day, Adelaide's good people give the obvious impression that the rest of the country is occupied by those marked as criminals, especially those in Sydney, although they are still on the battlefield. Recognized as the international capital of creativity and art, Adelaide and the rest of South Australia are where marketers must work hard to produce positive results from their investments.

Adelaide, the so-called "church city", was built on the Torrance River and was first settled by white immigrants in 1840. Today, Adelaide has a population of about 250,000 people, and like other places, they are likely to be affected by their promises. The right promotional item. Since South Australia was first planted and settled by German immigrants in the middle of the 19th century, the region's population has also been moderate and Mediterranean in nature, as South Australia also supports some of the country's best wine regions.   

Given the characteristics of generally educated people and intellectuals, savvy marketers must work harder to interact with these audiences. The biggest advantage of promotional products is that there are various styles and price points. South Australia has a mild climate, rich natural beauty, and cultural heritage, and there are many options to consider for promotions in the region. Today Adelaide is one of Australia's most advanced communities, so you want to get branded products from promotions in South Australia. The climate is mild, the environment is good, and the surrounding countryside has many promotional opportunities in the area. Adelaide is world-renowned for the quality of its food and wines, which are produced around the state capital. Any Australian promotional product focused on enhancing the consumer experience of premium food and vineyard products will surely pay off multiples of the initial investment.

Adelaide officially settled in 1836 and was named after Princess Adelaide, wife of William IV. Free citizens settled, inspired by the philosophical work of Edward Gibbons Wakefield, which claims personal and religious freedom. Gibbons argues that the problem with other Australian settlements is that land is allocated based on a grant system. Not only does this lead to people not taking agricultural responsibilities as seriously as they do to undertake major financial commitments, but it also results in a general lack of labor for economic development. As a result, Adelaide was based entirely on free-market principles, and all land was surveyed and sold to free settlers who emigrated from many European countries as part of a new attempt to build a new society. It is also hoped that with free settlers, crime will be reduced so that a more united and progressive society can be formed.

Promotional products in this crisis

The world is now facing the kind of crisis that our ancestors took for granted. The fact that was not established a hundred years ago, life may change within a day, and the future is unclear. With the increasing connection between us, it is easy for people to become more mainstream about negative information than positive. When the economy is tightening, we are now seeing it. The first opportunity is that everyone in each place suddenly sees how much we are interdependent.

Let me tell you what we are doing during these difficult times. Honestly, buying promotional products wholesale now is not a top priority for everyone. We see this whenever the stock market falls or economic uncertainty persists. Of course, this makes sense. When cash flow is uncertain, not buying some printing pens or coffee cups seems like a wise business decision. Therefore, we have extensive experience in dealing with difficult times.

At the moment, we are working to ensure that we stand ready to stand out from the start and be in a winning position when the business world emerges from its dormant state. We are negotiating with suppliers to ensure we have the best products and prices. Where possible, we are negotiating with wholesalers and factories in an attempt to provide higher value to our customers, and of course, we will do everything possible to obtain a supply of hand disinfectants! If we can only fulfill the order we receive, we may exceed our budget!

So, from a promotional perspective, what should your company do? Although the situation is uncertain, it doesn't make much sense to try large-scale marketing efforts without understanding the extent and role of the virus. People focus on things nearby until the facts become clear. Nothing can undermine business confidence like uncertainty. It is the driving force of the current economy, forcing stock prices to fall and causing companies and retailers to shut down. Therefore, at this stage of the "crisis," internal attention is crucial. What work have you postponed? Is it a new website design you've been thinking about? What medium- and long-term projects have you been considering, but have never had time to consider? I have a chance now for you. You can work on websites and supply chains without disrupting your entire business and customer base.  

Then the big question is, when do we recover? When we rise, what will the business landscape look like? First-mover advantage is always an important business factor. When business inevitably improves and people find a way to move the economy forward, do you want to stumble, or do you have plans and motivation? I just want to grasp the time. As a company that fully adheres to the above recommendations, we can tell you that when things start again, being fully prepared will have a big advantage. When everyone is afraid and unwilling to invest, the cost of being bold and brave will be less than usual, and the return will be greater.

The new promotion will restart our community support program, which has donated to nearly 200 small community organizations and charities over the past 12 months. We have started promoting this offer again on Facebook through our contacts with many non-profit organizations, community groups, and sports teams. This is a way for us to keep in touch with potential customers and maintain our reputation, so we will be in the best position when things are accelerating.


As concern for the environment grows, people are more than ever motivated to venture out into the wilderness. While carrying costly electronic devices seems to be something that is essential hands-on at all times have a genuine possibility that the adverse conditions that the world outside of the city experiences can cause damage to these tools to maintain connections with the rest of the world. This is why promotional dry bags have been hot items in recent years. Available in a range of sizes and styles, dry bags are not only providing a convenient way to store and carry a host of gear and accessories, the waterproof design of most models guarantees that they will protect and serve in a series of difficult conditions.

If you are a kayaker, a fisherman, or even enjoy a day at the beach, a dry bag is the most convenient way to conceivably keep your gear together to make sure it doesn't get damaged in the elements. If you're on the water all day, all your gear can be added to a larger dry bag by simply twisting it on top of the bag and securing it with the built-in quick release clips and you have a handy device that will keep the water at bay in almost any situation.

The size and blank surface of most custom dry bags are branding opportunities. The large custom branded area on each bag ensures that your message can be added in a highly visible way. Another opportunity is the ability to provide instructions or safety information in an easy-to-read format by simply adding screen-printed designs that include the text you wish to include in each design. While monochrome screen-printed designs may be the best option for utility items such as dry bags, you can also take advantage of the high visibility and utility of regular dry bags for other branding purposes. For example, the bag could be heat transferred to one location. This reproduces the full-color design, and when the bag's color complements the full-color design, the end result can greatly increase the appearance value of the entire unit. 

If you are currently running a tour, resort, or perhaps inspiring people to experience the great outdoors, a custom printed dry bag is the perfect accessory that people will use while relishing your services and then will continue to use into the future, reminding them and people of both the mix with your business and the services it provides. Dry bags can act as door stops when filled with sand and can also serve as an easy weight to attach to umbrellas and tents to stop them from taking off in high winds. A strong, simple cylindrical bag has many uses, all of which will highlight your brand, which will remain visible for years to come as one of these handy and effective promotional bag styles.


We have seen a lot of news in recent months about the serious harm that drinking straws are causing to endangered species on Earth. Allegedly, enough disposable straws are used and disposed of every day to circle the Earth's equator twice. If true, and considering the vast amount of fast-food consumed every day around the world, most of which is served with soft drinks that come with plastic straws, it seems reasonable to imagine that disposable straws are indeed a serious international pollution threat.

Always standing at the point where fashion and trends come together with reality, the promotional industry has responded to the market's call for a range of reusable straw choices, all of which can be custom branded and reconfigured in a number of ways to suit a multitude of uses and promotional structures. Top of the list is simple promotional paper straws, which are theoretically recyclable and avoid the major problems associated with plastic straw waste, namely that the plastic from which they are made decomposes very slowly into its constituent parts and is unlikely to be destroyed through bacterial action, creating a huge ecological problem. The paper straw is provided in individual boxes, with five or six straws per set. The unbleached recycled cardboard boxes and custom full-color labels not only solve most of the problems caused by the use of plastic straws but clearly voice your concerns.

The next most trendy style of straw is the soft, reusable silicone rubber straw that can be easily washed by hand or in the dishwasher. The silicone straws are as soft and flexible as plastic straws and are offered in a selection of colors. With the addition of your custom printed message and logo, you can not only make an eco-friendly product, which will trade the local media publicity swirling around the drinking straw issue. An added advantage of using silicone straw products in publicity is that they are made in a wide range of bright colors, which increases an element of fun to your event and creates the potential that your investment will utilize a higher level of interest in your brand and promotional message.

The best in this new category are the stainless steel reusable drinking water straws. If you are seeking a present for an individual, this is on-trend and will be very well received as recent customer feedback suggests that one of these stainless steel straw styles is a great way to offer people a gift that will be both enthusiastically received and create a level of interest and attention that far beyond the expected range of less stylish items. With standard stainless steel straws and retractable styles, in each case they provide a cleaning tool and simple packaging, allowing them to be easily stored and kept ready for action in a handbag or pocket.

No matter your budget or the event you are planning, there is a promotional drinking straw style that will increase the value of your brand. Custom branded reusable straws are among the products, which is likely to be one of the quickest growing product categories around in the coming many years.

Yoga Promotional Items Can Stretch Your Marketing Dollars

Can you see I'm exercising my brain this week? Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise, and I believe millions of people around the world support what I say. If you own and run a local yoga studio, or want to promote your products and services to yoga class participants, enjoy these amazing yoga-related promotions on our platform. 

Just try to successfully do Yoga while wearing jeans; it's a pain in the ass, to say the least! Bella Ladies' Cotton/Spandex Yoga Pants rescue your bum from experiencing unnecessary pain and suffering. These personalized cotton pants are so comfortable that recipients won't ever want to take them off. The promotional star-man stress ball can be used for a wide variety of exercise-related promotions, but it works exceptionally well for yoga studios because of the pose. Doesn't this little blue stress reliever just make you want to dance? Oh, and check out the colorful Exercise Mats as well - no one should practice yoga without a comfortable mat!

The Yoga Girl stress reliever is a particularly popular item because it is unique, fun, and cheap. These yoga squeezes will be great to promote your business in the community and generate dialogue about the courses you offer. One of my favorite yoga-related promo items, the Vertex Duffel Bag, would totally boost your credibility among exercise-savvy patrons.

This durable duffel bag has it all: zippered pockets, a laptop compartment, pockets galore, and even an adjustable strap to hold a yoga mat! Just think of all the exercise equipment and accessories that could fit in there…it also has a mesh drink compartment on the side that would fit the 24 oz.

It's been proven over and over again that logging your diet and exercise can help you stay fit, which is why I suggest the Food and Fitness Journal as well. Yoga lovers still need to keep track of what they accomplish daily, weekly, or monthly, and this recipe can help! After your customers have finished tracking their results, they can use reusable hot and cold packs to relieve the pain they may cause in the process.

This promotional ice pack can be placed in the refrigerator or heated to provide the comfort you want -- an amazing idea, right? Speaking of sweet thoughts, for those who like to burn calories while listening to their favorite music, the MP3 audio device stand is great. Print your logo on the armband MP3 stand and your customers will never forget you!

What You Need to Know Promotional Products during COVID-19

Every few years, a disease or virus appears. The year 2020 is coronavirus (COVID-19), a respiratory disease that causes fever, cough and shortness of breath.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the virus is spread by close contact (anyone within six feet), by coughing or sneezing, or by contact with surfaces previously touched by an infected person.

How will the coronavirus affect my promotional product orders?

As you might have guessed, many of the products in our inventory are manufactured outside the United States, and many of those regions have been affected by the virus. This means that coronavirus could delay your order or cause some products to be out of stock without notice.

If you have an urgent product request, or need something in particular for an event

in the next 3 to 4 months, you should make your order as soon as possible.

While the Coronavirus is a cause for concern, we are doing everything in our power to stay on top of things. This includes:

Keep hand sanitizers in the office

Wash your hands thoroughly and often

Update new rules throughout the office

Ask sick employees to call in sick

Cancel all external meetings and events until further notice

Provide open communication to customers

Have an ongoing plan in case employees need to work remotely

With the latest news on novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the precautions taken by Quality Logo Products® may continue to increase.

How to Personalize Employee Gifts and Rewards

Receiving a personalized gift is a very special thing. This will make you feel appreciated and valued! Everyone deserves this gratitude, and your employees are no exception.

There's nothing wrong with taking a generic route, like or gift CARDS, but think about how much your employees will value you when you take a more personalized route! There are plenty of options, but first, there are some tips to keep in mind to make your promotional gifts stand out. 

The first step in deciding on employee gifts is to consider the personalities on your team. The last thing you want is to gift something that could make one of your employees feel happy. For instance, do you have an office full of introverts? If so, you might not want to gift everyone tickets to a busy trade show.

Did your employees knock it out of the park this year? Was there some kind of notable experience you all went through together? If so, try tying in this personal touch with your promotional products wholesale. Gifts mean so much more when you take a heartfelt approach.

It means a lot to know someone took the time to personalize a gift! The process may sound like a lot of work, so start going ahead of time if you have a special occasion coming up.

Remember when fidget spinners were all the rage? You couldn't go anywhere without seeing someone flicking one around. Each year has its own set of trends, so be sure to keep those in mind when brainstorming your gift options.

Gifting your employees a trendy item will make them feel valued, and they'll always remember the time they got it! Try including a small trendy item along with a more meaningful one.

The last thing your employees want is for there to be financial hardship because you overspent on holiday gifts. There are tons of affordable gift options out there that will be appreciated by your team, so there's no need to go crazy if it's not in the budget.

Inexpensive personalized gifts such as custom sunglasses and reusable tote bags are also good choices. When it comes to gifts, it's not how much you spend. If you give it a second thought, your promotional gift will be appreciated!

The best gift you can give an employee is a personal one that shows you care. Items like embroidered jackets and briefcases are useful, simple gifts, but will get a lot of use.

The Right Logo for Your Promo: Commander Flex

Have you ever heard of making soap out of beer? How can I persuade you to give it a try? Sometimes it takes only careful branding to sell a different Promotional Product. This month, we will go deep into the logo competition of 99 designs, the creative competition center, for the new logo of the company Commander Flex. Commander Flex is - you guessed it - a one-of-a-kind business that makes soap from beer (plus other ingredients).

The soap company says it needs an ultra-masculine logo, but with a funny sense of humor. Twelve designers provided the company with a wealth of logo designs and ideas, but only one designer fought his way across the finish line! Check out the three most popular custom full-color rally towels below. Who do you think is the winner?

While design #1 is not the best design from a designer's perspective, this is the only logo where a designer listens to a brand's request to keep the logo humorous. Next, I'll explore how the winning design can be visually improved, and how the other logos are dimensionless!

The point here is that if customers want a brand image that is humorous and fun, they are unlikely to change their minds. The company's goal was to sell beer soap and have a good laugh, and that logo was more important than anything else! The logo also gives a direct tribute to the beer used in the soap, with the buff mascot bubbling into a tall pint—both well-delivered and giggle-worthy. The mascot itself is a cool, rugged wilderness dude, probably a good reflection of how Commander Flex wants its customers to feel when using their product.

There are many ways to improve this design and make it work better for the company! The logo comes in over 11 colors, not to mention a very busy background on some of the letters. A limited palette will prevent your logo from getting muddy, where the colors mix together with little contrast. If you squint at the logo, the entire background of the circle becomes a single black. The same feeling occurs with any "shadow" color in the camouflage and design of the letters. This will cause unnecessary trouble down the road when printing -- and not just because the soap labels are small 

Design #2 has many advantages - it is well rendered, has a dynamic and exciting design, and even boasts a great limited palette for printing and versatility. Still, design can't steal gold! It just shows how important it is to acknowledge the spirit of a brand and its overall voice.

Without any context, it's easy to think the logo might be a gym, a new protein powder, or even a tough new boot camp! It doesn't achieve "beer soap" all the way, which is something to remember! No matter how good you are at showing off your design skills, your logo needs to communicate with your wholesale Promotional Products and make an unforgettable first impression.

Design 3 takes most of Design #2's faux paus a step further. Once again featuring an intense color scheme and some cool art and design, the back up here is that our focus becomes on the shape of the mascot... And just how much of his torso is included in this logo! This Commander Flex design might as well sell a male energy supplement.

The design, which features bright red and black, combined with the adroit shape of the mascot, is immediately reminiscent of Russian Propaganda posters from the 1920s and 1930s. When dealing with potential design ideas, get them reviewed by different audiences to be better understand what your design is actively expressing or contributing to your brand. After all, you don't want your brand on a list of logo perspectives you can't ignore!

While Design #1 is not the most visually appealing, it pays close attention to the core concepts of the company's humor brand, making the competition dull. Commander Flex can further improve their winning logo by implementing the design strategy discussed above, including a palette of limiting logos! The other two logos, cleverly designed though they are, do not laugh at the competition.

Feel like you're ready to clean up your own logo? Or maybe you still want to look for more pointers from the Quality Logo Product®'s design tips in progress! Whether you're a soap company, a shoe store, or anything in between, I'm with you when it comes to great logo design.

Who Invented the Mouse Pad

If there were no computer mouse, there would be no mouse pad. The mouse was first invented in the 1960s by Douglas C. Engelbart, a World War II veteran, but it did not gain worldwide recognition until it was combined with Apple's Macintosh 20 years later.

Engelbart's computer mouse was made of wood and has two metal wheels. He named it "mouse" because "the tail came out of the end." Apple's mouse, on the other hand, has a squeegee at the bottom. These early models paved the way for the future of the computer mouse and eventually the mouse pad.  

The mouse pad invented by Jack Kelley first appeared at a 1968 demonstration in San Francisco called "The Mother of All Demos." This is a simple insert, just to support the world's first computer mouse.

Kelly and Douglas Englebart, the inventor of the first computer mouse, were colleagues at a furniture company called Herman Miller. Kelly designed a super simple mouse pad to support Englebart's invention.

20 years later, when apple introduced its own computer mouse, the mouse pad became even more valuable.

Why the Mouse Pads Becoming Popular?

To meet the demand for mouse pads, Bob McDermand and his company Mousetrak began mass-producing mouse pads with the Apple logo in the 1980s. These were so successful that the company later struck licensing deals with Disney, LucasFilms and Paramount.

Some sources also mentioned that Armando Fernandez deserves credit for the mouse pad. He worked for Xerox, and in 1979, he invented a rubber pad that didn't slide off the wholesale promotional products.

Most of Xerox's mice include the "special mouse pad" invented by Fernandes. The only problem was that Xerox was notorious for making extremely expensive technology. In fact, they sold the mouse for $300, and now it's over $1,000!

It was this lack of accessibility and affordability that probably doomed Fernandez to take a back seat to the invention of the mouse pad. Still, it is worth noting that he has a place in history.

Did you know?

The term "mouse pad" was first used in 1983. This is part of an article published at InfoWorld, a technology resource.

It may seem like a trivial project, but the mouse pad has actually played a pivotal role in various events and moments in history.

Take Senator John McCain's 2008 campaign. He gave the mouse pad as a souvenir to those who had donated at least $75 to his campaign. There are three options for donors, one of which has a glowing picture of the senator on the mat. McCain can look at you every time you browsed the internet!

Although McCain eventually lost the race, voters still couldn't get enough freebies. In fact, he received more than $164 million in donations during his presidential campaign!

12 Best Promotional Products for Lawyers

Most lawyers used to advertise their services on park benches, on buses, and even in the yellow pages. Fortunately, most of these practices are now obsolete, replaced by more sophisticated advertising methods. Today, promotional products are one of the most effective forms of advertising, and lawyers are taking note!  

1. Abraham Lincoln Bust Stress Ball

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer and politician before he became President? The bust of Lincoln is not only unique, but also is made of soft foam that your client can squeeze to relieve pressure. After all, it's no secret that going through legal litigation can be stressful for anyone.

2.Police Car Magnet

While the magnet may not have flashing red and blue lights, its design will still be as eye-catching as a real police vehicle. Lawyers working on criminal cases or other traffic laws can use this good to promote their practice! Magnets can be placed on the refrigerator at home or in the office, with enough space to add all your information.

3. Plush Eagle Toy

The bald eagle represents the strength and freedom of America, and it's a very cute stuffed animal. Almost any type of lawyer can use this good to promote their services! If your clients have children, it's also a great thing to put a smile on their faces. 

4. Leather Coasters                       

Coasters are useful for protecting a table from water rings, so why not give your client a set that they keep at home? They are practical goods that anyone can put to good use. These leather coasters have a high-end look and feel, making them the perfect "thank you" gift with your logo at the top. You can even keep a tea set in your office to protect your desk.

5. House-Shaped Keychain

Buying a house is an exciting time for your clients, so why not add a customized house-shaped key chain to their brand new set of keys? The shape of the house is also suitable for lawyers dealing with families or children's services. You can add your contact information so that your customers can easily contact you with questions, concerns, and even referrals!

6. Credit Card Mints

Mints are a handy item, ready to feel fresh with what you need. Not only do they help prepare your opening statement, they're also great for customers. These credit card mints can be easily to place in a pocket or briefcase for easy access. 

7. Money Stress Ball

There's nothing wrong with adding a bit of humor in your ads. Humor makes your practice easier for potential clients to remember! If your company handles finance, investments or trusts, a $100 ball of pressure is perfect.

8. Popcorn Tin

Snacks are something anyone can get behind. Canned popcorn is a great gift for past and present clients. You can give them out around the holidays as a "thank you" or as a warm welcome to newcomers. Once your contents are gone, your client can reuse the tin.

9. Webcam Cover

Is your job to protect your customers' privacy? Webcams are a useful item for your customers to use on their laptops at home! You can add your company's name or logo to this budget-friendly project to add a personal touch. Consider keeping these items in your office, on any laptop or monitor with a camera.

10. USB Drive

In any legal case, there are usually a lot of documents to keep track of. Flash drives are a great way to keep you and your customers organized. Put all the important documents on the flash drive and give them to your client. This helps reduce paper waste and keep everything confidential.

11. Stylus Pen

Whether you're signing a contract or just taking notes in a meeting, a good pen is a must for any lawyer. Keep pens with the company's name on them for customers to take home. This is an easy way to spread your practice. Pens with stylus tips are also ideal for touch devices.

12. Padfolio

Next time you appear in court, you and your clients should look elegant and professional. Padfolio is an important project to help keep documents organized and confidential. There are compartments for business cards, pens and even phone chargers. 

Can a Lawyer Advertise?

Yes! Lawyers can and should advertise their services to gain new customers, to connect with other professionals, and to spread their reputation locally. There are many ways to get lawyers to spend their advertising budgets on digital ads, even print ads.

Lawyers should be careful to personalize their advertising. An easy way to do this is to use promotional products like the above! There is no better way to personal contacting than to give a potential customer a useful item with your name and contact details. 

Final Thoughts

Lawyers have a unique advantage in advertising because they develop personal relationships with their clients. Using promotional products to advertise a lawyer's business is obvious because they can help new clients feel important. Whether a lawyer is fresh out of school or established within a practice, it makes sense to advertise promotional products.

Essential Custom Insulated Cooler Bags

The best promotional idea is to have a wide range of attractions and a range of functions. This will ensure that they will be widely accepted and appreciated and will encounter your attached brand more often, thus increasing the likelihood of a positive return on the initial investment. The ultimate success of marketing lies in extending the degree of rest through commercial communication, so this combination of popularity and practicality is an ideal way to determine which custom promotional products are best for your company or organization. 

That's why products that are attractive throughout the year are the best way to get the maximum return on your marketing investment. One of the most popular summer products on this list is branded freezer bags. The promotional products wholesale comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes and has many purposes but it is important to consider that when looking for products that are popular all over the year the cooler bag is actually making the bag, so it is also good at keeping the heat and keeping it during the warmer months. Not only can you use them to keep your favorite cool drinks at the right temperature and make your consumption enjoyable, you can also make sure that your favorite lunch you bring from home is served at the right temperature.

There are a lot of ways in which an insulated cooler bag can be used which will improve and assist in the daily chores of maintaining a household or business. Take for instance the weekly food shopping expedition undertaken by household members. More and more people are concerned about getting the quality of their fresh produce home as quickly as possible so there is no diminution of the positive attributes inherent in fresh produce. But also at the other end of the groceries scale there are frozen and refrigerated goods which need careful handling to ensure they arrive home in optimal condition. This range of cold bags includes large versions, which are ideal for grocery shipping, and complete with adjustable shoulder straps and easy zipper closure, and they are convenient and capable of handling almost every frozen food situation.

Another advantage of personalized insulation bags is that they have many leisure time applications. For example, you plan to drive for several miles, visiting rural towns and tourist attractions along the way. In this case, custom-branded reefer bags are ideal travel companions. You can add all the snacks and cold or hot drinks you want, making sure that when you reach for a snack or pick-me-up, it's served at the right temperature to make your adventure more enjoyable. Same thing if you're planning a picnic in the countryside. A cooler bag can carry everything you need to enjoy the time and always protect it from worsening due to environmental exposure.

Promote your Business with Custom Power Bank

Are you looking for the perfect gift for trade show attendees? Want to know how to impress employees with company giveaways? Did you know it takes 1 kilowatt hour a year to power your cell phone? Not many, but they weren't as bad as they are now.

Now, we need power banks to keep our phones going throughout the day. This is one reason why they are the great promo gifts at company events. So, why?

When considering how to choose the perfect custom promotional product for your company, you must consider the following points. First, is it specific to your market? Do they often pick it up and use it?

You can take a look at power banks similarly to custom coffee mugs or pens. These are useful, thoughtful gift items that the receiver will often need. After all, who doesn't need a power bank in this age of technology? What's better to use than a power bank?

Do you want to know how to do better in branded power bank games? Put your logo on either side of it.

Feel free to engrave more than your logo on your promotional phone chargers. If you like, you could place your contact information, address, and motto. You could put in a promotional message too.

You could also put in the name of the tradeshow they received it in, the date, and location. This helps them keep in mind what your company showcased at the event, other than power banks. And when other people see it, it makes for a great conversation topic. It's not every day you get a free power bank by going to a trade fair. power banks are big-deal gifts. With these kinds of custom gifts, your company will get so much attention.

This gift will impress even those who attend the event. You offer these custom phone chargers to people who might be able to spread the word. If people don't hear it on social media, they will hear it from their friends who attend the event.

When people hear about your gift giving, they are more likely to go to the next trade show. They can even attend company events in the hope of getting the same giveaways. Or maybe people will buy your products and want their own power bank.

Cheap-Friendly Products Help Drive High-End

Are you looking for a marketing campaign that is not only successful but budget-friendly? The good news! You don't need to spend a lot of money to find promotional products wholesale that complete the task and make a lasting impression. Here are some of our favorite products at very low prices.

Looking for a fun twist on a promotional gift? This alternative carabiner-spinner design brings all the functionality of a normal carabiner in a special new form!

Charging cables are our lifelines. This rubberized non-slip cable weight stays in place during and after use and includes a nylon braided 2.1A speed charging and data sync cable with Micro USB and iDevice connector. Gift this weighted, non-slip cable and be a lifesaver!

Give your customers protection anytime, anywhere with this high-end umbrella and they'll love it! This customized umbrella features a wooden shaft and top, curved j-shaped handle, automatic opening, hook and ring closure, and black lacquered u-rib for added durability. This black luxury umbrella has many embossing options, so you can customize it according to your unique specifications!

This double walled vacuum insulated tumbler features a copper plated inner wall that helps keep drinks hot for more than 8 hours and cold for more than 12 hours! The stainless steel is BPA/Phthalate and lead-free and includes a spill-resistant slider lid with a rubber gasket. Print your logo or message on the front and leave an impression with every sip! 

This smartphone grip attaches to any phone or case to give secure one-handed control and extended thumb reach. The promotional grip features peel-n-stick, removable, no-residue adhesive. The grip is also full-color, so you can get creative with your branding!

Keep your customers warm and comfortable with these portable stadium blankets. The stadium blankets are polyester fleece with a convenient loop and hook closure. They also have an enhanced handling for ease of transport. These are perfect rolled-up accessories for sporting events, picnics, or any outdoor activity.

Promotional Product Ideas for the Construction Industry

Whether you work in the construction industry catering to outdoor enthusiasts or just want to lead a company-wide safety conference, having a range of timely, practical promotional products wholesale to keep your employees and customers safe is a must.

Take your corporate responsibilities to another level of safety awareness and show your customers how much you care about their well-being. Be sure to brand these potentially life-saving giveaways with your company logo to give your customers an influential message.

Here is a list of useful and memorable promotional products perfect for any sector of the construction or safety training initiative!

For example, this kind of custom promotional bag offers the convenience and durability needed to carry heavy duty tools while promoting a logo on the job.

Any business is the construction industry could use these house-shaped clips as a cheap giveaway that customers will love!

Also, every toolbox needs a few box cutters! They'll be used for years with innumerable impressions.

Any person who with their hands knows the value of a perfect set of gloves. This durable set will be used time and time again.

A multi-tool is an incredibly versatile item in the construction industry, one that everyone can use!

A sturdy measuring tape is the ideal promo product for carpenters and builders of any kind.  

Any job-site foreman needs to be able to handle business on-the-go and this vent clip is great for hands-free phone or GPS access.

Haven't seen the product you are looking for? No problem! Contact us today and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

How to Use Promotional Products to Boost Revenue And Wholesale

Not surprisingly, the benefits of custom promotional products to marketers are lower cost per impression, increased overall brand awareness and customer loyalty.  

From there, the next consistent step is to come up with creative ways to use merchandise to drive actual revenue and sales. If your investment in branded goods directly affects your business bottom line, you know you've made a wise choice!

First, you should decide what your sales target is. It is best to start with the final idea so that you can go back to the products you need, how you will distribute them, and calculate your estimated return on investment. As they say, anything that can be measured can be managed.

In this post, we'll give you 2 ways to use promotional products to drive sales. You'll learn the art of using products to generate leads, initiate quality sales conversations and win new customers to increase your business. We'll also give you some examples to demonstrate how it all works!

The silver bullet to boosting sales is having a great product and a nice relationship with your customers. Personalization is one way of improving customer relationships by making customers feel special.

You instantly make the foundation for establishing a good relationship with your customers by customizing products,. You wow your customers by showing them you care. This strategy is particularly useful for bigger ticket sales, where the lifetime value of a customer is large enough to offset the cost of personalizing the products you give. 

Another effective way to directly promote sales with products is to create different levels of promotional products. You can have cheaper, free, and easily distributed products at the bottom, and more expensive, high-quality products at the top.

Make sure your quality promotional products are highly attractive to your customers. You want them to get excited about it! When customers buy your actual product, you can entice them to buy your actual product by adding extra products as freebies.  

Interestingly, there are products that customers don't always want to buy, but they have to buy. Think drugs or car lubricants. These aren't the products you like to talk about, but if you get a reward for buying them, you get an external incentive to buy them.

Use branded promotional products as a way to motivate referrals, which is a good strategy to reward referrals to partners, and create repeat referrals to continue to drive your business sales.

Promotional Color Ribbons for Campaigns

If you plan to start an awareness campaign to raise money for charity, you must understand the foundation of any awareness campaign -- a custom promotional cause ribbon. We understand that these projects are of milestone importance to all promotional awareness marketing. We work with you to put your charity, cause or organization at the heart of your campaign.

The charity ribbon is an iconic, recognizable fabric cycle used in campaigns. The traditional shape is a ring at the top with two "legs" on each side. The point of the awareness ribbon is that you can wear it around town, you can display it on your car, you can wear it at work, or you can wear it in a visible place to start a conversation about your career. 

Some causes have pre-assigned colors, while local campaigns often select their own designs and colors. The amount of causes and affiliated colors is quite exhaustive. Read our color ribbons guide and conduct online research before settling on a color for your campaign. If you are raising money or awareness for the plight of a person in your community, try to choose the color associated with their illness, condition, or situation.

One of the first uses of color ribbons popular with the public was during the Iranian Hostage Crisis — those raising awareness for the hostages and the American embassy personnel tied yellow ribbons around trees. In the '80s and '90s, cause ribbons became universal symbols over the world, with colors becoming famous for association with certain causes.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office now considers color cause ribbons a "universal symbol" and does not allow organizations to trademark color ribbons unless they are modified in a important manner.

Many reasons have been associated with specific colors. Be sure to follow these guidelines when ordering charity ribbons and choosing other custom promotional products for your campaign. Search for general information on the websites of charities or organizations you are raising money for, so be careful to follow their branding and image guidelines.

In addition to reason ribbons, consider ordering a variety of awareness campaigns to reach the widest possible audience. Thanks to our extensive range of promotions and the flexibility we provide, it is easy to design your campaign ideas in the final design of your products.

For example, we have dozens of breast cancer awareness materials. Choose between ribbon car magnets, custom wrist bands, promotional backpacks, mugs, notepads, pressure balls, and writing supplies. Awareness campaigns can be customized in a variety of colors and pasted on your logo or slogan.

Promotional Product Ideas for Summer Season

Any business or organization can use the most cost-effective form of advertising to hand out summer sales during charity runs, company-wide barbecues or office contests.

Use your imagination and follow our guide to choose the best summer sales for every occasion. To keep your creative juices flowing, here are our picks for the best summer ads:

If you have the necessary staff to organize a charity run or event, great! If not, you can still sponsor a campaign to get your brand out in the community with a top-quality promotional program.

Basic advocacy can be useful at a charity event, particularly if it involves walking, running or sweating in the sun. Make everyone's day special by giving out branded towels, sunglasses, water bottles or sunscreen bags. Such campaigns allow attendees to focus on the event without getting sunburned or dehydrated.

All kinds of charity events occur in the summer due to the great weather. These promos are just the tip of the iceberg — learn how to use custom promotional products at your next charity event.

Families in your community have been waiting all year to go hiking, attend music festivals, go to parades, and watch movies in the park on a comfortable blanket. Promos that enhance these activities can become curial fixtures in a family for years, serving an important purpose. Get your brand in front of countless people each summer by embracing outdoor promo products.

For instance, wholesale promotional outdoor folding chairs find a place in nearly every garage and are necessary for almost every type of outdoor summer event. Cooler bags and grilling accessories are essential for picnics, barbecues, and glamping trips. Find ways to incorporate these types of summer promotional items into your seasonal marketing efforts and reap rewards well past August.

Most offices have mandatory safety training, so why not make your educational efforts more engaging and brand-centric? Give away professional and industry-appropriate safety gear like reflective apparel, flashlights, or safety glasses. You can craft any type of promotional marketing campaign around summer themes and items with some creativity. 

Custom Promotional Gifts to eliminate Plastic Pollution

Are you trying to reduce your company's carbon footprint? Is your brand making conscious efforts to "go green" and avoid plastic pollution? More than 320 million tons of plastic waste is produced each year, and the material is not biodegradable. If environmental issues are important to your organization, it is critical to choose custom  promotional products that reflect this commitment.

Here, we carry a large number of environmental gifts, can improve your brand awareness, while keeping the earth happy and pollution-free. Consider any of these eco-friendly gifts for your next promotion.

Over one million plastic water bottles are used every minute, and these convenient bottles are doing major harm to the planet. Help your clients and connections switch to reusable bottles they can fill up before they leave their home, refill at the office, or take on the road. 

Our cheap 32-ounce sports bottle is made from recycled, BPA-free high-density polyethylene and features a large imprint area for your logo. If you have the budget for a better-quality promo, upgrade to a stainless steel bottle that can be washed and used thousands of times while keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.

Custom tote bags are kept for an average of 11 months and generate 3,300 impressions before they are given away or discarded. That's quite a tally for an item that costs about two dollars!

Our non-woven tote bag is endlessly reusable and totally recyclable when the bag reaches the end of its lifecycle. Reinforced 21" handles allow recipients to carry substantial loads without a problem. Choose between nine vibrant color options for a fully customized, eco-friendly gift.

Half of people who receive a promotional pen or writing utensil are more likely to do business with your brand. Further, boost your chances by choosing promotional pens made of 76% pre-consumer recycled plastic. 

You don't have to limit environmental promotional campaigns to general giveaways. Outdoor eco-friendly mini flyers are an interesting promo that can fit into any trade show giveaway bag. Shower your attendees in swag and get your messaging noticed with an environmentally conscious frisbee, prominently featuring your logo and information.

Apart from plastic waste, paper waste is a tough problem — 50% of business waste is purely paper. Fortunately, you can cut down on commercial paper waste by handing out fully recyclable promotional sticky notes. Still can't find your flyer? Browse through our selection of eco-friendly gifts to find the right campaign for you. 

Promotional Gifts for Recruiting Activities

Competition for attention is fierce in recruiting campaigns. Companies in similar industries will fill the void with you, so you need to find a way to stand out. In addition to passing on information, find a way to keep a new hire's sanity after the campaign is over.

Potential employees are attracted to job openings that match their training and interests. To differentiate yourself from competitors, consider investing in recruiting giveaways to attract potential recruiters and increase your chances of receiving follow-up emails or phone calls. These unique recruiting promotional gifts are relevant to today's workplace and make you stand out:

For recruiting events, USB flash drives stand for one of the most sensible investments: custom flash drives are cheap, extremely customizable, and always useful. In fact, 61% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 24 have a branded USB drive because of their utility. Bring plenty of branded USB drives to hand out as an incentive for attendees that write down their contact information.

Also, promotional drawstring bags are a terrific choice for recruiting events for two reasons. One, as a standalone promo, they are popular with younger demographics as well as people who are frequently on the move. If someone with an active lifestyle uses your drawstring bag every time they go to the gym, you can expect hundreds of impressions over time.  

For less than a dollar per item, you can order branded card companions to serve as phone wallets, carrying important cards and IDs on the back of a smartphone. The design allows the card companion to fit most smartphones - a welcome contrast to phone cases that come in dozens of sizes.

The demographics you'll expect to see at a college recruiting event will appreciate tech-centric promos that deliver the greatest utility. Ensure the people you meet at your next event continue to pursue a position by giving away inexpensive and helpful charging cables. This 3-in-1 retractable cable has the ability to charge multiple devices at once, and is compatible with Apple® 8-pin, micro USB and type-C devices. They'll consider about you every time they charge their digital devices.

Sometimes it's best to advertise with a demonstration drive. Stainless steel bottles are still the best-selling because they are proven to be linked to a wide range of demographic data. Effortlessly crafted stainless steel bottles make them a great giveaway. Make the biggest impact on your next hiring drive by investing in high-quality recruiting custom promotional products that can lead to great employees.

Trade Show Giveaways in Popular

Today, we will introduce some most popular trade show giveaways to ensure that your trade show delivers a successful experience for you and your future customers. Let's get started!

People spend long hours visiting trade shows, and their phones and other gadgets run out of batteries. This is obviously very frustrating, especially when people may not want to look for power outlets around the fair to charge their devices, assuming they have a charger in their pocket.   

Powering your customers to charge their devices can help them out and strengthen your brand. Power bank is a great trade show giveaway because they help build brand continuity and loyalty to your most valuable customers. You want people to know you have them at your booth, so be sure to let the organizers and other exhibitors know as well, so they can point you in the right direction when customers want to charge their phones!

A merchandising kit will contain all the essentials that a merchandising visitor should carry with them. Never underestimate the value of a bag, all these good things at a trade show! The way you present yourself to people also makes a big difference. When people come to visit you, give it to them and say that "this is a small bag with everything you need to be a good participant in the show. Everything is for you!"Add a pleasant element to the promotional giveaways at trade shows to show people that you really care. 

If the exhibition is held outdoors or in a sunny place, sunscreen and sunglasses will make people feel comfortable. As a giveaway, it also has a "cool" vibe, and with your company's brand, it's highly likely that others will notice it at the fair.

Sunscreen bottles with pockets or small key chains, it's easy to put your logo on them. Sunglasses with custom logo come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for a long time after a fashion show.

Most people now have Smart-phones. If they do, they'll take it with them at trade shows! In general, many people still don't use a good Smart-phones wallet or case to protect their promotional gifts, and if they do, they won't refuse to replace it.

So why not give your customers a real Smart-phones wallet to use? The best part is that they come in all kinds of colors. As people start using mobile payments, they are relying less on traditional wallets, reducing the need to carry cash. So, the only thing people really need to carry around these days is a Smart-phone. Protect it with a great Smart-phones wallet!

Why are promotional products so commercially effective?

Why do products perform so well? To understand the "reasons" behind the marketing success of wholesale promotional products, we put together this article to discuss the five main reasons why promotional items are so commercially successful. So let's get started!

When you give something to someone, usually, they feel the need to reciprocate and reciprocate. People feel that you have done something good for them and want to help you in return. 

Promotional products establish this cycle of reciprocity in customer relationships. Businesses and advertisers offer promotional gifts that customers appreciate and often want to trade with.

Promotional products cost far less than expensive ads on social media or other overpriced options, such as TV ads or banner ads. You can order in bulk and take advantage of the price advantages of economies of scale.

In return for the price you pay for them, the benefits are far greater than in other advertising media. For example, you can invest $10,000 in Facebook advertising, which usually increases brand awareness in 3-10 weeks, or you can invest the same amount in promotional products, which can increase awareness in 6-12 months.

Promotional products gain a lot of exposure through the number of impressions they create. For digital advertising, these impressions will only last for a while the campaign is in progress, but custom promotional products will continue to attract a lot of eyeballs as long as potential customers are using them!

Think about it. If you're a travel supply company and you give a traveler a backpack as a promotional giveaway, your brand name and logo will be noticed by several other travelers who will see them carrying your great promotional backpack! The power of this "visual viral marketing" is unmatched, and it can leave a mark in the subconscious of potential customers that may eventually lead them to do business with you.

Building a brand is building a perception of who you are in the minds of your ideal customers. When people think of apple, for example, they think of innovation, cutting-edge technology and different ways of thinking. When people think of Nike, they think of athleticism and the "just do it" spirit. Promotional products cheap have the benefit of memory. If you want to be famous for something, or want people to remember something about you, promoting products is definitely a way!

Last but certainly not least, promotional products actually solve a problem for your customers. Unlike advertising messages that provide only temporary entertainment, promotional products become part of your customers' daily lives in their personal and professional Spaces. When something becomes a part of someone's life, it plays a huge role in influencing their actions. Especially when the promotional products they use are somewhat personalized.  

How is the promotional mug made?

Promotional mugs are some of the most popular promotional products! No matter how many people there are, they usually won't stop using another cup with your logo on it.

They can be used as stationery holders or penholder, or as mugs. They are very versatile, and the best thing about promotional mugs is that they usually last the longest! Consumers hold for a long time, the consumer price index dropped significantly. So the question is, how do you make promotional mugs?

Knowing how to make promotional mugs can help you choose the cup that best fits your marketing budget and overall brand strategy. In this article, we hope to give you an idea of how promotional mugs are made so that you can make good purchasing decisions for promotional products.

The idea of giving away a promotional cup is more than just giving away a mug. It's about satisfying a need, in a meaningful, memorable way, to get your customers thinking about you. That's why the most important step in producing mugs is to understand who your customers are and how the mugs you plan to produce will help meet their needs.

Now that you know your customer's tastes and preferences, you can create a design that you can prototype. We work with talented designers to create fun and unique styles of mugs that your customers will love.

If you have a design, it's easy to make a prototype of your promotional cup. Now, you can also take your design to a 3D printing shop and have your prototype printed! It doesn't even take long!  

Obviously, it is best if you have an existing relationship with your suppliers and manufacturers so that you can talk about all the details involved in the production process. Often you'll find that when you order more promotional mugs, you'll get a scalable price from the manufacturer. Most manufacturers usually want you to order a "minimum order quantity" or MOQ, so it makes business sense for them to meet your requirements.

The last stage is of course getting your promotional mugs shipped! This means you will ship them from your manufacturer to yourself for distribution to your prospects and prospects! The most important thing now is to be careful when transporting the mugs.

Strange Promotional Products

I wonder if you've ever been to a job fair where the company gave you a free pen with their logo on it. Maybe you went to a local festival and they gave you tote bags. In any case, these projects are pretty standard. How cool would it be to receive something more energetic? Some unusual products should also have the opportunity to carry a logo or advertising message.

In addition to all our promotional pens, cups and clothing, you can find a wide range of products around your house, whatever company they are made by. From your TV to your coffee maker, almost every item in your home has a logo. While most companies won't start handing out promotional tablets, there are a few products that make great giveaways.

Stamps have been around since about 1680, but are rarely used for promotional purposes. You can buy stamps with birds, celebrities and even their names on your wedding invitations, but you won't find many companies using stamps with their logos. That's too bad, especially since many businesses send out emails, coupons, newsletters or catalogs. A brand of stamps will increase personal touch and will certainly attract people's attention.

Unlike regular quilts or quilts, anxiety blankets have been shown to help people sleep better and reduce stress, making them perfect for promotional gifts. Imagine if a company had a custom anxiety blanket for employees or customers. After a good rest, they will say nice things about you to their friends and family.   

Eighty-six percent of U.S. workers sit at work all day, restricting blood flow and circulation to their legs. They may look strange compared to regular socks, but compression socks get your blood circulating like you've been walking all day! Customize them with your company's colors or add your logo to promote your brand in a healthy way. Your customers will feel appreciated and well cared for, which will bring more referrals to your business.

Watching the pattern change on the mermaid pillow, you may have memories. Adults and children will love to see the color change, or your sign appear and then disappear. Not to mention, they can be sleepovers with kids or used as living room decorations to increase the frequency of people seeing your brand. After all, these pillows are often the focus of attention, and people can't help flaunting your designs.

All in all, these things are great giveaways because everyone will be raving about them! After all, they are exciting, useful, healthy and unique. Whether you're a nonprofit or a large company, you can surprise people, make lasting impressions, and increase your brand exposure. Who knows, maybe one day, they will become popular in the promotional products industry.

What are the Best Promotional gifts Doctor's Offices?

During this celebration of the healthcare industry, it's meaningful to remember that every organization can benefit from the increased visibility promotional products offer, even doctors' offices. Stay at the front of your patients' minds months after their visit with these helpful giveaways and promotional gifts!

Health providers might not be fond of the extra squeezing needed to open most medicine bottle safety caps. Make your nurse's day a little easier with a branded medicine bottle opener. Available in different colors, this special item for doctors can also promote your brand to patients while it is being used. Offer custom bottle openers to older patients so they can keep one in their medicine cabinet at home.

Doctors must be cared about hygiene throughout their work day. These adorable hand sanitizer dispensers are designed to look like a doctor's white coat. The novelty is fun, but the hand sanitizer gel also does a many job of vanquishing germs.

Doctors are on their feet throughout the day rushing from one patient to the next. In order to avoid spreading germs you require convenient hygiene items for a thorough clean to wipe your face and hands before greeting another patient. You can also give these branded antibacterial wipes to patients who are sneezing or otherwise in the communicable phase of an illness.

The amazing replica pill cutter is highly useful for primary care providers who must demonstrate how to split medications in half. Give them away to patients when applicable to raise your visibility in their home - your brand reach will expand everywhere. The pill cutter compartment features two rounded storage spaces for safe keeping. 

A medicine dispenser is a must-have for patients who have chronic conditions and must remember different dosages and times for many different kinds of medications. A 7-day promotional dispenser with separate compartments for nighttime and daytime medication ensures a happy patient who is more organized. Keep some in your office and offer them to any patients with multiple prescriptions. That's a very useful and also inexpensive.

Keep the first aid essentials within arm's reach when prominently featuring your brand logo on the custom zippered pouch. This first aid kit consists of bandages, antiseptic swabs, antibacterial wipes, burn ointments, and other useful healthcare items any doctor would appreciate.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Gifts for Earth Day

We all know that pollution is one of the greatest troubles facing our world today. We covered some of our favorite Earth Day promotional giveaways last year, and now we'll cover other products that you can take in your Earth Day promotion or in your own office. Helping out the environment isn't only a moral imperative - it's wonderful for business. Initiating a corporate social responsibility campaign sets up a positive brand image that customers will readily choose. Provide the first step by giving your employees the gift of some environmentally friendly promotional gifts.

Is your office positioned a short drive away from a local river or beach? Plan a group outing to pick up refuse and plastic, giving your employees this great magnetic pick up tool to assist in the cleanup efforts. The cleanup effort will make a good effect on your community, and is a perfect way to build camaraderie! Remember to post your Earth Day activities on social media to build consciousness for environmental issues.    

A promotional tote bag with logo printing generates more impressions than any other promotional item, at almost 6,000 impressions per bag according to the Advertising Specialty Institute. This reusable and practical tote bag is an obvious choice, as it enables employees break the cycle of using plastic bags by giving them with sturdy totes for grocery shopping. The insulated bag keeps food hot or cold, great for traveling distances.

Promotional water bottles are an amazing idea for Earth Day promotions. Reusable sports bottles also curb pollution by helping your employees stop buying single-use plastic water bottles. This 24-ounce eco-friendly water bottle is constructed with 35% recycled materials. The bottle is entirely recyclable and is composed of 100% biodegradable plastic. Employees can stay hydrated, save the planet, and promote your brand!

Well-constructed backpacks last for years, making countless impressions as the recipient wears them to tons of events, while on hikes, or simply to and from the office. Our eco-friendly sling backpack feels like fabric but is constructed from 100% recycled PET. Sling backpacks offer multiple storage compartments while featuring an easy-wear single strap design that make them a breeze to take on-the-go.

Our economic promotional lanyards are a mainstay in the office if your team frequently attends conferences or business events then. These often end up in the garbage after just some uses - reduce the amount of waste your employees generate by gifting these eye-catching lanyards constructed with 100% recycled fabric. It helps create the perfect opening conversation piece to demonstrate your brand's commitment to eco-friendly business practices if you plan to wear recycled lanyards at large conferences and events

Friendly Enjoyment of Promotional Drinking Straws

Apparently, it's true that plenty of promotional plastic drinking straws are used and disposed everyday around the world that if laid end to end they would cover enough distance to go round the world, twice! That seems a special number until you start to consider how popular and how common place the use of disposable drinking straws has become. Every fast food meal consumer all over the world every day comes complete with a plastic straw which we are told once dumped into an eco system can stay in its current form for hundreds of years before it truly degrades.  

So what is it that the average concerned citizen can do about this every worsening problem? While obviously eco friendly promotional products has been popular now for a long time there has recently been an increase in interest in custom drinking straws as the facts of the terrible damage the disposable straws we use without thinking are doing top the environment. The new range of straws available are both environmentally friendly while also having a range or valid reasons why they are the great personal gift for anyone who is concerned about the effect they have on nature.

Generally, there are two different types of reusable straws available. The first is a telescopic stainless steel straw which folds in on itself to occupy a very small space when not in use. This is an ideal personal straw which anyone could keep handy for use at any time. And each telescopic straw is supplied in a mini drawstring bag which carries your custom message. As a personal gift they are a good item as more and more people use a simple straw to consume their favorite beverage. These personalized cheap straws can be carried easily in a handbag or purse and are always available and can be customized with artwork and logon on. The advantage is that you can sip any beverage you opt through a telescopic straw and it is both convenient and a useful way to consume a drink which reduces the likelihood of smudging lipstick when having pleasant drink.  

The other style of promotional straw available is more like a typical drinking straw but is made to be reusable so there are none of the problems which come from the thoughtless disposal of a traditional plastic straw. Silicone straws are available in a huge range of colors and the soft silicone finish of the straws makes them easy to use and suitable for washing either by hand or in a dishwasher. However, they have all the advantages of a traditional plastic drinking straw with none of the disadvantages. They are not just promotional items, either, these straws are nicely suited for use in hospitality outlets or anywhere drinks and beverage is consumed in public.

If you're in the market for an inexpensive and popular personal gift which is at the top of peoples' minds right now it would be difficult to go past promotional straws from China. You will be greatly appreciated by your clients, customers and friends.

Amazing Custom Products Outdoor Activities

To pump up employees' motivation and build stronger bonds with clients, outdoor companies are required to find the best and suitable personalized promotional products for activities.   

We have to admit that no one likes to stand, but many of your employees will have forgotten to bring a picnic blanket in their rush to pack the cooler and round up the family. Be the best employer ever and rescue their tush with this customized roll up picnic blanket. One extra bonus is you'll have somewhere to confine your crabby toddler when it's not time for dessert yet.

So, the best thing to pass out at the company picnic is a reusable tote! It will be perfect for your employees to pack up leftovers in and miscellaneous toys, and will make a great statement at the grocery store when they take it shopping later. Your brand will be seen by everyone at the market, every time your loyal employees use it. 

Why not prepare your meat with custom style? This 8-piece BBQ set features a durable imprinted carrying case, outside storage pocket, and eight necessary tools to grill in style. This set could make a great addition to any raffle or giveaway prize at your event.

Our best-selling wine tote is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your company get-together this summer. This insulated tote includes promotional glasses, napkins, a corkscrew, and a wine topper. This is also a perfect product to get your employees considering how to promote your brand to clients. 

You may need some activities for your company outing, so toss around a customized flyer and enjoy just how fun your brand is. Available in various colors with a large 6.5" diameter maximum imprint size. 

There is always the classic option of a custom t-shirt if you're already covered on BBQ supplies, lawn games and wine holders. Let our in-house design team work with your existing logo to come up with a killer custom designed t-shirt for your organization this summer. 

Hottest Promotional Products for 2019

As the New Year passed by, the life as we know it is returning to normal and we are going back to our regular routine. However, new opportunities and new relationships come with the New Year and it is up to you and your brand to make the most of both! That's why we're sharing what we consider are the best ideas for promotional products in 2019.

To begin with, check out our list of the Top 40 Promotional Products. Compiled by our marketing geniuses, these custom products are sure to please a variety of clients. And with your brand on them, nothing is going to prevent your company from making a name for this year. From can koozies to branded lawn chairs, we have it all.

You're hosting a small event of 25-50 but still want some sweet swag to attract your guests? Head over to our Low Minimum Quantity section and browse hundreds of logoed options with different imprint area, size and color options. These pieces are sure to elevate your event and brand and make your event one to remember.

What are the great parts of shopping online? No lines, no trampled toes and no crowded parking lots. What is the best part? We might suggest browsing all of our popular branded sale items with the click of a button while sitting in your footie pajamas drinking hot cocoa. Doesn't that sound nice?  

The new year of 2019 is full of chances and different needs relying on the time of year. Winter brings out a need for personalized winter apparel and branded promotional blankets. Spring and summer months require killer logoed sunglasses, customs travel bags and branded outdoor equipment. Seriously, your customers will appreciate you when you give them a free umbrella and they happen to have it handy during the next downpour. The fall brings the need for all things regarding cheap promotional gifts and giveaways for the holiday rush.

2019 Real Trending Promotional Products

People often chase after the latest trends to look and feel better. No matter if it is concerned with fashion, technology or the newest celebrity endorsement, trends speak to our collective interests So, it is obvious to say that we have a general overview of what people like or dislike in a special industry in tracking trends. 

However, trends can make or break your business in the promotional products industry. Nobody would like to order hundreds of giveaway items only to find out the item they chose is no longer in style. Don't make the fidget spinner mistake - in the words of Regina George, "it's not going to happen!"

Why you want the promotional products, because your goal is to make an impression to the audience, but making the incorrect impression isn't going to do you any favors. Therefore, we have composed a large number of trending promotional products to make sure you're on the right side of the trends when it comes to your brand promotion.

promotional items make the world go 'round. Whether or not that's true doesn't matter; it's what we believe. But in terms of what we know, there are quite a few promotional product staples that slightly change with the trends, but are always a safe choice.

 "I need a drink," is a quote I'm often referenced saying. There's an opportunity that I'm not the only one, either. Whether you have a favorite poison, we all drink, and we all use drinkware, making it a promotional product industry staple. That being said, drinkware is subject to trend changes as well. Some of the most successful branded drinkware products are stainless steel or aluminum bottles as well as acrylic tumblers.

The fact is that there is always a new tech item to trend, and the promotional product industry is no exception. While it's probably not realistic to hand out cellphones at your next giveaway, there are branded tech products that are both affordable and trendy. For example, cordless technology is hot right now, including charging pads, headphones and speakers. Therefore, while this may be bad news if you used headphones as a chance to stand uncomfortably close to your crush, this is great news for those that value personal space.

Wood products are often attention-grabbing, special and appealing to promotional product recipients. And the best part is that wood works in just about any promotional product. Some of the current trends include wood speakers, wood grain notebooks, bamboo mugs and wood-accented drinkware, just to name a few. Basically, if you can put wood in it, it's going to sell.

When you think of trending corporate gifts, you don't typically think of the packaging that they come in. Custom options are available on most promotional products, and utilizing the custom option gives you yet another branding opportunity for a relatively low price.

Promotional Folding Shopping Bags with Logo Prints

Recently, the grocery stores charge us for the plastic bags, but we used to get for free, which is in accordance with their normal decision. However, taxing and increasing costs is always good for us, therefore, we can accept this fact, because we have no choice at all. However this latest decision can have advantages for the canny promotional marketer as the chance now exists to create your own custom shopping bags which can not only be used for general tote duties but which can become a life-saver when one is facing the trouble of carrying home an armful of shopping without a bag being offered by the retailer. 

A pleasant checkout chick at Coles of Woolies would happily pack your purchases in a sturdy plastic bag which once finished with still had lots of uses around the home. As a bin tidy liner or a great way to transport other necessities these personalized custom bags were not the one use disasters portrayed in the media. Actually, they were a crucial part of the waste disposal business. While we are now told that cheap shopping bags were the main cause of the degradation of the world's oceans and a real jnk food for turtles and seabirds the fact is they are still readily available, but now cost ten cents.

The wide range of printed shopping bags available on our website cover all requirements and not only offers a solution regarding the appalling environmental terrors of the free plastic bag but turns this problem into an opportunity by providing high visibility, top utility shopping bag options which people can use for a range of purposes.

In response to the environmental friendly push there is a big range of jute tote bags available which seem to add a green tinge to the whole banned shopping bag experience. Jute is a naturally produced fiber which is both strong and sustainably produced. Best of all when the bag reaches the end of its useful life instead of being dumped in landfill or being swallowed by a migrating turtle it is composted like any other naturally occurring organic product. So you can give your jute shopping bags a decent burial and know that the nutrients they contain are being returned to Mother Earth.

Other than the obvious utility a bag provides the greatest opportunity the offer to marketers is the high level, high visibility branding which is standard to most bags but which is specially the case with promotional shopping bags. With people carrying the cheap bags to the shops and on their daily errands your logo and message will be more widely read. What's more, the person carrying the bag will be eternally grateful when they get to the end of the checkout procedure that the folding shopping bag you provided is in their pocket or handbag ready for use and they don't have that sense of failure which is all too common at the end of the weekly shopping expedition recently.

What Benefits will you Get from Promotional Products?

Have you ever noticed the branded promotional items in your home? How many pieces? What are they? Are you wearing any promotional clothing as well? Does your pen come with a brand's logo?

What is promotional marketing? It's a cheap marketing tool that spread your brand awareness and recognition while providing a great value to customers and clients. If you are spending your entire marketing budget on social media ads or content marketing, consider our top 4 benefits of leveraging promotional products as part of your marketing strategy

According to Forbes the recall rate for promotional products is an astounding 83%. The numbers is real — while a banner ad or one-off radio spot isn't likely to stick with the average person, a constant visual reminder of your brand in their home is guaranteed to boost your visibility. You plant seeds with recipients of promotional products, many of whom research the brand later. Even more, they keep creating new impressions when they wear your hat or backpack when heading to work or enjoying a day off in the park.

There are thousands of promotional products to opt from! All of these can be endlessly modified and personalized with brand logos, colors and identifiers to reach any target demographic. When gifting them a promotional item they can use in their home or out-and-about for years, you need to communicate whatever message connects with your potential clients. Consider that we can offer 13 categories of customizable pens and hundreds of unique products within those categories. The possibilities exist all the time.

Buying popular promotional products in large quantities enable you to offer useful items with a personal touch that appear to be high value. Recipients of promotional products are not aware of the actual cost of the item. Investing in top-quality promos means you can cultivate a great reputation among your clients. A company that gives away quality becomes linked with quality in the minds of customers. 

Promotional products generate impressions as long as they are in the home of the owner. Luckily, recipients of promos tend to keep them for an extended period of time. A study by the Specialty Institute found, relying on the product, promos can stay in the home over a year. After their first life cycle, 65% of promotional products are given away by the recipient to a friend or family member, according to the same study.

They lead the field in marketing for cost effectiveness because of the large amount of impressions promotional products generate. When compared to online advertising or traditional media advertising, it's clear promos have the lowest cost and the greatest return when implemented effectively.

Promotional and Personalized Products for Relaxation

Last year, resolutions like sleeping more, eating healthier, and exercising more often ranked at the top of our collective list. Your customers and employees are trying to make big decisions in their life. You really need to consider giving the gift of relaxation if you get down to planning your next promotional product marketing campaign.

There are many bad effects like weight gain, loss of sleep, and a lack of free time to plan healthy meals or hit the gym if you are always in the state of stress. With the following promos, anyone can work on reducing the amount of stress in their life and remember your brand while doing it.  

Branded latex exercise bands with EVA handles are various wholesale promotional items. They can function as a stress relief gift individually or be combined with other exercise gear like a fitness shaker cup and an activity tracker to create a themed gift package.

Perhaps the most obvious of stress relief gifts are the aptly named stress balls. With the myriad of options we offer, you can customize any shape stress ball to boldly showcase your brand colors and a sharp logo or marketing message. Choose stress balls that evoke your industry, like a tooth stress reliever for a dental office or an apple stress reliever for the educational sector. Affordable stress balls can lighten the mood in corporate settings and claim valuable real estate on the desk of your clients.

Choose between three vibrant colors and include your logo for maximum exposure. Exercise bands make great giveaways at trade shows to set you apart from booths with standard charge. Anyone can sneak away to the break room for a ten-minute workout to stick to their resolutions or blow off some steam.  

Help employees or customers melt away the stress with a thoughtful and special stress relief gift. A 3-Piece Comfort Spa Kit gives the comforts of a private spa on-the-go, including an arched roller face massager, a cool-gel eye mask, and a palm/foot massage ball.

You can also choose for a promotional Plush Hot/Cold Eye Mask available in eight vivid color options. The aqua bead gel mask can be heated in the microwave or kept cold by storing in the refrigerator, allowing users decide their own soothing effect for stress relief.

Recipients are more likely to hold onto them when you give meaningful promotional items like stress relievers. Contact us now to begin planning a promotional marketing campaign that will make a perfect effect on customers and employee stress levels.

How to Choose Color in Your Branding

You've completed your brand logo and have trademarked the best reputation in the business. But your marketing efforts fail to deliver the results you expect again and again. What's wrong? The answer could be so apparent that it's often neglected: the colors you choose in your branding promotion.

You can't take the risk of choosing the wrong colors when promoting your products and services, so here are our suggestions to making the most of the colors in your branding in

Of the Forbes-ranked 130 most valuable brands, 60% of successful brands only use one color in their marketing, while 29% of those brands use two colors. Customers tend to gravitate toward logos and products featuring singular, powerful colors that demonstrate trust and authority.

There are many reasons you may want to stick with black-and-white if you are designing promotional t-shirts for your employees,. You may want to position your brand as professional and sophisticated or to align with existing marketing materials. But if your target with your next order of promotional products is to grab attention and spread impressions, try a splash of color.

A colored image or product will hold a potential consumer's attention almost three times longer than one that is mostly neutral, giving you important seconds to store your brand name and logo in the minds of future customers. A tote bag or promotional hat using a vibrant green or orange is scientifically going to stimulate viewers more than a gray or black version.

Certainly, choosing colors based on a Forbes list doesn't consider the bigger picture. You may not be aiming to crack this list, and instead want colors that convey your special branding position. You may want to try colors outside of your typical marketing colors for a contained promotional campaign.

So, do you think it is necessary to learn more about branding a product? Keep reading our corporate branding articles, white papers, and infographics. We boil down different industry factors into easily digestible information that will raise your confidence and keep you on the right track while promoting your brand.

Remember to talk to us about your goals to avoid common marketing pitfalls when you plan to launch your next promotional marketing campaign,.

Wonderful Promotional Products for Kids
You are required to think a lot when designing and distributing promotional products to expand awareness for your brand. Don't limit your target audience to adults, particularly if your company exists within the education, healthcare or social services sectors. Creating promos kids will love helps associate your brand with the everyday requirements of their family, helping you retarget existing clients.
Education and nonprofit organizations are among the top 10 buyers of promotional products because giveaways are proven to deliver results on a tight budget. Consider incorporating any of the following promotional items for kids into your daycare center, pediatric office, after school program or community event.
Coloring books are interesting kid promotional products for matching your niche service or simply conveying a specific message. From broader subjects like Fitness Is Fun to more targeted subjects like Let's Go to the Doctor, our wide option of coloring books will keep children entertained at your place of business while keeping your brand visible later on at home. Complete your coloring corner with budget-friendly promo crayons. 
Forge a connection between your brand and your young customer base with personalized stuffed animals sporting your logo. Children everywhere love stuffed animals, typically keeping a well-designed stuffed animal as a loyal companion for a year or more.
Adults may not be as enamored with fidget spinners in 2019, but kids still love these trendy toys. Keep children motivated for hours with various vibrant custom fidget spinners, available in dozens of bright colors. These giveaways are great attention grabbers for outdoor events, setting your brand apart and creating an immediate buzz.
Kids may not need to squeeze the stress away in a corporate setting, but colorful, lightweight stress toys are a perfect toy for tots. Their plush, forgiving design makes them safe for young children to play with - or toss around the home and daycare center - without causing any damage. What's more, you don't have to stick with the standard ball shape. We offer stress toys in a variety of specific industry shapes, including apples for teachers, teeth for dental offices, and even homes for real estate agencies.
With the right design and execution, you can leave hundreds of impressions over the lifecycle of cheap promotional products for children. Whether you need to incorporate your brand logo and colors or create a unique stuffed animal to resemble your mascot, we are here to make you satisfied.

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