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Eco-Friendly Promotional Gifts for Earth Day

We all know that pollution is one of the greatest troubles facing our world today. We covered some of our favorite Earth Day promotional giveaways last year, and now we'll cover other products that you can take in your Earth Day promotion or in your own office. Helping out the environment isn't only a moral imperative - it's wonderful for business. Initiating a corporate social responsibility campaign sets up a positive brand image that customers will readily choose. Provide the first step by giving your employees the gift of some environmentally friendly promotional gifts.

Is your office positioned a short drive away from a local river or beach? Plan a group outing to pick up refuse and plastic, giving your employees this great magnetic pick up tool to assist in the cleanup efforts. The cleanup effort will make a good effect on your community, and is a perfect way to build camaraderie! Remember to post your Earth Day activities on social media to build consciousness for environmental issues.    

A promotional tote bag with logo printing generates more impressions than any other promotional item, at almost 6,000 impressions per bag according to the Advertising Specialty Institute. This reusable and practical tote bag is an obvious choice, as it enables employees break the cycle of using plastic bags by giving them with sturdy totes for grocery shopping. The insulated bag keeps food hot or cold, great for traveling distances.

Promotional water bottles are an amazing idea for Earth Day promotions. Reusable sports bottles also curb pollution by helping your employees stop buying single-use plastic water bottles. This 24-ounce eco-friendly water bottle is constructed with 35% recycled materials. The bottle is entirely recyclable and is composed of 100% biodegradable plastic. Employees can stay hydrated, save the planet, and promote your brand!

Well-constructed backpacks last for years, making countless impressions as the recipient wears them to tons of events, while on hikes, or simply to and from the office. Our eco-friendly sling backpack feels like fabric but is constructed from 100% recycled PET. Sling backpacks offer multiple storage compartments while featuring an easy-wear single strap design that make them a breeze to take on-the-go.

Our economic promotional lanyards are a mainstay in the office if your team frequently attends conferences or business events then. These often end up in the garbage after just some uses - reduce the amount of waste your employees generate by gifting these eye-catching lanyards constructed with 100% recycled fabric. It helps create the perfect opening conversation piece to demonstrate your brand's commitment to eco-friendly business practices if you plan to wear recycled lanyards at large conferences and events

Friendly Enjoyment of Promotional Drinking Straws

Apparently, it's true that plenty of promotional plastic drinking straws are used and disposed everyday around the world that if laid end to end they would cover enough distance to go round the world, twice! That seems a special number until you start to consider how popular and how common place the use of disposable drinking straws has become. Every fast food meal consumer all over the world every day comes complete with a plastic straw which we are told once dumped into an eco system can stay in its current form for hundreds of years before it truly degrades.  

So what is it that the average concerned citizen can do about this every worsening problem? While obviously eco friendly promotional products has been popular now for a long time there has recently been an increase in interest in custom drinking straws as the facts of the terrible damage the disposable straws we use without thinking are doing top the environment. The new range of straws available are both environmentally friendly while also having a range or valid reasons why they are the great personal gift for anyone who is concerned about the effect they have on nature.

Generally, there are two different types of reusable straws available. The first is a telescopic stainless steel straw which folds in on itself to occupy a very small space when not in use. This is an ideal personal straw which anyone could keep handy for use at any time. And each telescopic straw is supplied in a mini drawstring bag which carries your custom message. As a personal gift they are a good item as more and more people use a simple straw to consume their favorite beverage. These personalized cheap straws can be carried easily in a handbag or purse and are always available and can be customized with artwork and logon on. The advantage is that you can sip any beverage you opt through a telescopic straw and it is both convenient and a useful way to consume a drink which reduces the likelihood of smudging lipstick when having pleasant drink.  

The other style of promotional straw available is more like a typical drinking straw but is made to be reusable so there are none of the problems which come from the thoughtless disposal of a traditional plastic straw. Silicone straws are available in a huge range of colors and the soft silicone finish of the straws makes them easy to use and suitable for washing either by hand or in a dishwasher. However, they have all the advantages of a traditional plastic drinking straw with none of the disadvantages. They are not just promotional items, either, these straws are nicely suited for use in hospitality outlets or anywhere drinks and beverage is consumed in public.

If you're in the market for an inexpensive and popular personal gift which is at the top of peoples' minds right now it would be difficult to go past promotional straws from China. You will be greatly appreciated by your clients, customers and friends.

Amazing Custom Products Outdoor Activities

To pump up employees' motivation and build stronger bonds with clients, outdoor companies are required to find the best and suitable personalized promotional products for activities.   

We have to admit that no one likes to stand, but many of your employees will have forgotten to bring a picnic blanket in their rush to pack the cooler and round up the family. Be the best employer ever and rescue their tush with this customized roll up picnic blanket. One extra bonus is you'll have somewhere to confine your crabby toddler when it's not time for dessert yet.

So, the best thing to pass out at the company picnic is a reusable tote! It will be perfect for your employees to pack up leftovers in and miscellaneous toys, and will make a great statement at the grocery store when they take it shopping later. Your brand will be seen by everyone at the market, every time your loyal employees use it. 

Why not prepare your meat with custom style? This 8-piece BBQ set features a durable imprinted carrying case, outside storage pocket, and eight necessary tools to grill in style. This set could make a great addition to any raffle or giveaway prize at your event.

Our best-selling wine tote is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your company get-together this summer. This insulated tote includes promotional glasses, napkins, a corkscrew, and a wine topper. This is also a perfect product to get your employees considering how to promote your brand to clients. 

You may need some activities for your company outing, so toss around a customized flyer and enjoy just how fun your brand is. Available in various colors with a large 6.5" diameter maximum imprint size. 

There is always the classic option of a custom t-shirt if you're already covered on BBQ supplies, lawn games and wine holders. Let our in-house design team work with your existing logo to come up with a killer custom designed t-shirt for your organization this summer. 

Hottest Promotional Products for 2019

As the New Year passed by, the life as we know it is returning to normal and we are going back to our regular routine. However, new opportunities and new relationships come with the New Year and it is up to you and your brand to make the most of both! That's why we're sharing what we consider are the best ideas for promotional products in 2019.

To begin with, check out our list of the Top 40 Promotional Products. Compiled by our marketing geniuses, these custom products are sure to please a variety of clients. And with your brand on them, nothing is going to prevent your company from making a name for this year. From can koozies to branded lawn chairs, we have it all.

You're hosting a small event of 25-50 but still want some sweet swag to attract your guests? Head over to our Low Minimum Quantity section and browse hundreds of logoed options with different imprint area, size and color options. These pieces are sure to elevate your event and brand and make your event one to remember.

What are the great parts of shopping online? No lines, no trampled toes and no crowded parking lots. What is the best part? We might suggest browsing all of our popular branded sale items with the click of a button while sitting in your footie pajamas drinking hot cocoa. Doesn't that sound nice?  

The new year of 2019 is full of chances and different needs relying on the time of year. Winter brings out a need for personalized winter apparel and branded promotional blankets. Spring and summer months require killer logoed sunglasses, customs travel bags and branded outdoor equipment. Seriously, your customers will appreciate you when you give them a free umbrella and they happen to have it handy during the next downpour. The fall brings the need for all things regarding cheap promotional gifts and giveaways for the holiday rush.

2019 Real Trending Promotional Products

People often chase after the latest trends to look and feel better. No matter if it is concerned with fashion, technology or the newest celebrity endorsement, trends speak to our collective interests So, it is obvious to say that we have a general overview of what people like or dislike in a special industry in tracking trends. 

However, trends can make or break your business in the promotional products industry. Nobody would like to order hundreds of giveaway items only to find out the item they chose is no longer in style. Don't make the fidget spinner mistake - in the words of Regina George, "it's not going to happen!"

Why you want the promotional products, because your goal is to make an impression to the audience, but making the incorrect impression isn't going to do you any favors. Therefore, we have composed a large number of trending promotional products to make sure you're on the right side of the trends when it comes to your brand promotion.

promotional items make the world go 'round. Whether or not that's true doesn't matter; it's what we believe. But in terms of what we know, there are quite a few promotional product staples that slightly change with the trends, but are always a safe choice.

 "I need a drink," is a quote I'm often referenced saying. There's an opportunity that I'm not the only one, either. Whether you have a favorite poison, we all drink, and we all use drinkware, making it a promotional product industry staple. That being said, drinkware is subject to trend changes as well. Some of the most successful branded drinkware products are stainless steel or aluminum bottles as well as acrylic tumblers.

The fact is that there is always a new tech item to trend, and the promotional product industry is no exception. While it's probably not realistic to hand out cellphones at your next giveaway, there are branded tech products that are both affordable and trendy. For example, cordless technology is hot right now, including charging pads, headphones and speakers. Therefore, while this may be bad news if you used headphones as a chance to stand uncomfortably close to your crush, this is great news for those that value personal space.

Wood products are often attention-grabbing, special and appealing to promotional product recipients. And the best part is that wood works in just about any promotional product. Some of the current trends include wood speakers, wood grain notebooks, bamboo mugs and wood-accented drinkware, just to name a few. Basically, if you can put wood in it, it's going to sell.

When you think of trending corporate gifts, you don't typically think of the packaging that they come in. Custom options are available on most promotional products, and utilizing the custom option gives you yet another branding opportunity for a relatively low price.

Promotional Folding Shopping Bags with Logo Prints

Recently, the grocery stores charge us for the plastic bags, but we used to get for free, which is in accordance with their normal decision. However, taxing and increasing costs is always good for us, therefore, we can accept this fact, because we have no choice at all. However this latest decision can have advantages for the canny promotional marketer as the chance now exists to create your own custom shopping bags which can not only be used for general tote duties but which can become a life-saver when one is facing the trouble of carrying home an armful of shopping without a bag being offered by the retailer. 

A pleasant checkout chick at Coles of Woolies would happily pack your purchases in a sturdy plastic bag which once finished with still had lots of uses around the home. As a bin tidy liner or a great way to transport other necessities these personalized custom bags were not the one use disasters portrayed in the media. Actually, they were a crucial part of the waste disposal business. While we are now told that cheap shopping bags were the main cause of the degradation of the world's oceans and a real jnk food for turtles and seabirds the fact is they are still readily available, but now cost ten cents.

The wide range of printed shopping bags available on our website cover all requirements and not only offers a solution regarding the appalling environmental terrors of the free plastic bag but turns this problem into an opportunity by providing high visibility, top utility shopping bag options which people can use for a range of purposes.

In response to the environmental friendly push there is a big range of jute tote bags available which seem to add a green tinge to the whole banned shopping bag experience. Jute is a naturally produced fiber which is both strong and sustainably produced. Best of all when the bag reaches the end of its useful life instead of being dumped in landfill or being swallowed by a migrating turtle it is composted like any other naturally occurring organic product. So you can give your jute shopping bags a decent burial and know that the nutrients they contain are being returned to Mother Earth.

Other than the obvious utility a bag provides the greatest opportunity the offer to marketers is the high level, high visibility branding which is standard to most bags but which is specially the case with promotional shopping bags. With people carrying the cheap bags to the shops and on their daily errands your logo and message will be more widely read. What's more, the person carrying the bag will be eternally grateful when they get to the end of the checkout procedure that the folding shopping bag you provided is in their pocket or handbag ready for use and they don't have that sense of failure which is all too common at the end of the weekly shopping expedition recently.

What Benefits will you Get from Promotional Products?

Have you ever noticed the branded promotional items in your home? How many pieces? What are they? Are you wearing any promotional clothing as well? Does your pen come with a brand's logo?

What is promotional marketing? It's a cheap marketing tool that spread your brand awareness and recognition while providing a great value to customers and clients. If you are spending your entire marketing budget on social media ads or content marketing, consider our top 4 benefits of leveraging promotional products as part of your marketing strategy

According to Forbes the recall rate for promotional products is an astounding 83%. The numbers is real — while a banner ad or one-off radio spot isn't likely to stick with the average person, a constant visual reminder of your brand in their home is guaranteed to boost your visibility. You plant seeds with recipients of promotional products, many of whom research the brand later. Even more, they keep creating new impressions when they wear your hat or backpack when heading to work or enjoying a day off in the park.

There are thousands of promotional products to opt from! All of these can be endlessly modified and personalized with brand logos, colors and identifiers to reach any target demographic. When gifting them a promotional item they can use in their home or out-and-about for years, you need to communicate whatever message connects with your potential clients. Consider that we can offer 13 categories of customizable pens and hundreds of unique products within those categories. The possibilities exist all the time.

Buying popular promotional products in large quantities enable you to offer useful items with a personal touch that appear to be high value. Recipients of promotional products are not aware of the actual cost of the item. Investing in top-quality promos means you can cultivate a great reputation among your clients. A company that gives away quality becomes linked with quality in the minds of customers. 

Promotional products generate impressions as long as they are in the home of the owner. Luckily, recipients of promos tend to keep them for an extended period of time. A study by the Specialty Institute found, relying on the product, promos can stay in the home over a year. After their first life cycle, 65% of promotional products are given away by the recipient to a friend or family member, according to the same study.

They lead the field in marketing for cost effectiveness because of the large amount of impressions promotional products generate. When compared to online advertising or traditional media advertising, it's clear promos have the lowest cost and the greatest return when implemented effectively.

Promotional and Personalized Products for Relaxation

Last year, resolutions like sleeping more, eating healthier, and exercising more often ranked at the top of our collective list. Your customers and employees are trying to make big decisions in their life. You really need to consider giving the gift of relaxation if you get down to planning your next promotional product marketing campaign.

There are many bad effects like weight gain, loss of sleep, and a lack of free time to plan healthy meals or hit the gym if you are always in the state of stress. With the following promos, anyone can work on reducing the amount of stress in their life and remember your brand while doing it.  

Branded latex exercise bands with EVA handles are various wholesale promotional items. They can function as a stress relief gift individually or be combined with other exercise gear like a fitness shaker cup and an activity tracker to create a themed gift package.

Perhaps the most obvious of stress relief gifts are the aptly named stress balls. With the myriad of options we offer, you can customize any shape stress ball to boldly showcase your brand colors and a sharp logo or marketing message. Choose stress balls that evoke your industry, like a tooth stress reliever for a dental office or an apple stress reliever for the educational sector. Affordable stress balls can lighten the mood in corporate settings and claim valuable real estate on the desk of your clients.

Choose between three vibrant colors and include your logo for maximum exposure. Exercise bands make great giveaways at trade shows to set you apart from booths with standard charge. Anyone can sneak away to the break room for a ten-minute workout to stick to their resolutions or blow off some steam.  

Help employees or customers melt away the stress with a thoughtful and special stress relief gift. A 3-Piece Comfort Spa Kit gives the comforts of a private spa on-the-go, including an arched roller face massager, a cool-gel eye mask, and a palm/foot massage ball.

You can also choose for a promotional Plush Hot/Cold Eye Mask available in eight vivid color options. The aqua bead gel mask can be heated in the microwave or kept cold by storing in the refrigerator, allowing users decide their own soothing effect for stress relief.

Recipients are more likely to hold onto them when you give meaningful promotional items like stress relievers. Contact us now to begin planning a promotional marketing campaign that will make a perfect effect on customers and employee stress levels.

How to Choose Color in Your Branding

You've completed your brand logo and have trademarked the best reputation in the business. But your marketing efforts fail to deliver the results you expect again and again. What's wrong? The answer could be so apparent that it's often neglected: the colors you choose in your branding promotion.

You can't take the risk of choosing the wrong colors when promoting your products and services, so here are our suggestions to making the most of the colors in your branding.

Of the Forbes-ranked 130 most valuable brands, 60% of successful brands only use one color in their marketing, while 29% of those brands use two colors. Customers tend to gravitate toward logos and products featuring singular, powerful colors that demonstrate trust and authority.

There are many reasons you may want to stick with black-and-white if you are designing promotional t-shirts for your employees,. You may want to position your brand as professional and sophisticated or to align with existing marketing materials. But if your target with your next order of promotional products is to grab attention and spread impressions, try a splash of color.

A colored image or product will hold a potential consumer's attention almost three times longer than one that is mostly neutral, giving you important seconds to store your brand name and logo in the minds of future customers. A tote bag or promotional hat using a vibrant green or orange is scientifically going to stimulate viewers more than a gray or black version.

Certainly, choosing colors based on a Forbes list doesn't consider the bigger picture. You may not be aiming to crack this list, and instead want colors that convey your special branding position. You may want to try colors outside of your typical marketing colors for a contained promotional campaign.

So, do you think it is necessary to learn more about branding a product? Keep reading our corporate branding articles, white papers, and infographics. We boil down different industry factors into easily digestible information that will raise your confidence and keep you on the right track while promoting your brand.

Remember to talk to us about your goals to avoid common marketing pitfalls when you plan to launch your next promotional marketing campaign,.

Wonderful Promotional Products for Kids
You are required to think a lot when designing and distributing promotional products to expand awareness for your brand. Don't limit your target audience to adults, particularly if your company exists within the education, healthcare or social services sectors. Creating promos kids will love helps associate your brand with the everyday requirements of their family, helping you retarget existing clients.
Education and nonprofit organizations are among the top 10 buyers of promotional products because giveaways are proven to deliver results on a tight budget. Consider incorporating any of the following promotional items for kids into your daycare center, pediatric office, after school program or community event.
Coloring books are interesting kid promotional products for matching your niche service or simply conveying a specific message. From broader subjects like Fitness Is Fun to more targeted subjects like Let's Go to the Doctor, our wide option of coloring books will keep children entertained at your place of business while keeping your brand visible later on at home. Complete your coloring corner with budget-friendly promo crayons. 
Forge a connection between your brand and your young customer base with personalized stuffed animals sporting your logo. Children everywhere love stuffed animals, typically keeping a well-designed stuffed animal as a loyal companion for a year or more.
Adults may not be as enamored with fidget spinners in 2019, but kids still love these trendy toys. Keep children motivated for hours with various vibrant custom fidget spinners, available in dozens of bright colors. These giveaways are great attention grabbers for outdoor events, setting your brand apart and creating an immediate buzz.
Kids may not need to squeeze the stress away in a corporate setting, but colorful, lightweight stress toys are a perfect toy for tots. Their plush, forgiving design makes them safe for young children to play with - or toss around the home and daycare center - without causing any damage. What's more, you don't have to stick with the standard ball shape. We offer stress toys in a variety of specific industry shapes, including apples for teachers, teeth for dental offices, and even homes for real estate agencies.
With the right design and execution, you can leave hundreds of impressions over the lifecycle of cheap promotional products for children. Whether you need to incorporate your brand logo and colors or create a unique stuffed animal to resemble your mascot, we are here to make you satisfied.

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